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"One of the best Super NES games ever! And the first."

The first game made for the Super NES was Super Mario World. A whole new adventure and a whole new feel for gaming was revolutionized with this game. Now that it is old,it is now dubbed a classic by me, and a must-own. You got the famous Super Mario and Fire Mario, but now you got Cape Mario, and a new friend, Yoshi, who now appears in many games!!! this is also the start of Yoshi's legacy, his first game, Super Mario World.

True fun to play because of the grand sweet nostalgia of past memories for those who played it in the early days...Nostalgia is true sweetness...your goal is to reach the large goal with the moving tape. Hitting it at the side will get your stars for a bonus game. As you get those goals, new paths open up. Also are keys and keyholes. Find the key and the keyhole and open it up for Secret Exits...Find all 96 exits and beat the game completely! Call on Yoshi to help you as well.

Simple control for a great game, you should have no trouble, but the cape flying might be a bit hard at first, it is simple, and effective. This game is also great, you can hold L and R to scroll left/right to see what is ahead without getting your fat in the fire. Useful.

I am partial to the sound because of the nostalgia involved. The music is somewhat simple, and I don't have much to say here about the sound, besides the fact that I like it, sorry.

The graphics were upped one step with the release of the first Super NES game years back. Graphics are much better now than this, but as far as super NES games go, it is great, and graphics don't totally make a game. NES games nowadays are fun! Even with the release of Gamecube nearing.
The graphics were very well done...Rich red lava, a newly rendered Mario, and his nicely shade of green dinosaur pal, Yoshi, and more packed in this game.

Young and old can play this, easy to learn, and 2 players can play and share the fun. You can also give your lives to a less experienced player to help him along.Lots of fun stuff to do in this game, so have fun and enjoy!!!

Replay Value-8
You have played all the game when you get 96 exits, but it is fun enough to play over and over again. You should enjoy it! Play it yourself, play with a friend, and just mess around and do something cool! There is lots to do!

Buy, Rent? Borrow? Burn?
Buy this game!!! A must own if you got a Super NES!!! So
what are you waiting for???

Battery backed memory, save when you complete a Ghost House or Switch Palace. Or a castle or fortress for the first time. You can complete the ghost houses again and again for saves.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/15/01, Updated 07/15/01

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