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Review by Blackjack4x

"First SNES game, well made"

You may think an 8 rating is a little high for this game, but when I considered it, I don't think so. This is a two player game, as usual, player one is Mario and player two is Luigi. The game consists of seven main worlds, comprised of several levels, a couple of fortresses and a castle each. There are many special levels and secrets in this game, including two hidden worlds, Star World and Special World. The assortment of enemies has expanded from Super Mario Bros. 3. The usual mushrooms, fire flowers and stars are back, along with a cape, which acts like the raccoon tail of Mario 3 but is more diverse, and a balloon, which puffs Mario up and allows him to float high in the sky. The most noticable difference is the first appearance of Yoshi in this game, the green dinosaur with the long tongue who has since gone on to be a video game star in his own right. Yoshi can be found in nearly every level of the game and is ridden by Mario. He can eat some enemies and if Mario is hit when riding him he can be retrieved. There are several different colors of Yoshi in the game, each with a special ability. As mentioned above, many of the game's levels contains a secret; these are marked on the map as red instead of the usual yellow. Finally, there are four switch palaces, red, yellow, green and blue. When found and activated ,they make the imaginary blocks become solid, and this is essential to completing certain levels.

Graphics: 7/10

Colorful, and an improvement over the NES games. Still, first generation SNES. The enemies look good, as do the areas of the game. The appearance of each world is very different.

Sound: 8/10

Lots of tracks, most of them acceptable, and the usual plethora of sound effects in a Mario game, such as when you collect an item, bop an enemy, grab a coin, get hit by an enemy, go down a pipe.... Just about every action has an accompanying sound.

Gameplay: 9/10

Control in the game is very good. Mario can walk or run, fly with a cape, or duck. Several more actions are available when wearing a cape. The multitude of secrets is a great addition. In fact, Star World and Special World are secrets in themselves. These are a nice touch to the game. Counting the levels in these worlds, there are 96 in the game. Some of them are very small, but this is still a respectable amount. The difficulty is not too bad, and once you get used to the controls you should be breezing through most of the levels.

Replay: 9/10

Very high. The secret levels add much replay value. Even when the game is completed, you could really have only played half the levels. Much time can be spent finding secrets, and each level usually has hidden items and paths to uncover. Special World will keep you busy for a little while, because it's the hardest area of the game.

Overall: 8/10

A great game to introduce the SNES onto the market. To this day, it's a very strong title. It was well made, was pretty big, tons of secrets and still retained that Mario feel. This game was packed in with most early SNES systems, so if you have a SNES you've most likely played it. If not, give it a look.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/22/01

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