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" word... flawless"

When the Super Famicom (and later on Super Nintendo) was being planned, Nintendo knew that they would need a good first game. Actually not a good first game, a GREAT first game that would take advantage of the new technology. Well, this is probably why they begged Miyamoto-sama to make a game. ^_^

Super Mario World was that game, and today, it still rocks!

The graphics of this game were great back then. Large colourful sprites, a cool green dinosaur, those annoying Koopa brats. Each one looking amazing with the high colour ability the SNES had compared to its predecessor, the NES. Backgrounds are cute and colourful which is expected of Mario games.

Sound is classic Mario, bright and cheery. Now it amazes me how they can have a piece of music sound scary yet cute, but they do it. The ending theme is well-orechestrated, in fact the ending theme to Super Mario World was a piece in one of the Orechestral Game Concerts. Very good for its time.

Controls are one step above Nintendo, taking use of the new buttons yet keeping the game simple so all ages can play. Tight controls make this game a classic.

Gameplay is where this game excels. A game easy to learn and easy to master, you'll need that mastery to get through over 90 levels of Koompa-crushin', Goomba-stompin' action. With many secret levels, and the pure fun of just playing the levels over, replayability is high.

Pure bliss, 'nuff said.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/22/01

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