Review by Sephirstein

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/22/01

Ingenious Miyamoto gameplay and level design and its finest. This game is SO fun.

While technically not perfect, this game has legendary fun and gameplay that more than make-up for its imperfections. If you haven't played this game, please do it or your missing a defining moment in gaming history and a damn good game.

Graphics: (9) Some say that these are disappointing for the first ever SNES game but I definitely was not disppointed. They completed overhauled SMB3s graphic's engine and made it look 10x better. The background's are slighlty bland which prevent a perfect rating.

Sound/Music: (9) The sound is outstanding like it's predecessors and sequels and the music is fun and catchy. Too bad 90 % of the music is a remix of the same song. Oh well, at least the song is good and the remixes each do a great job of adding a different feel to the levels.

Gameplay: (11) I can't give this infinite but I can tip the scales a bit here. The gameplay is legendary and you all know what it's like, I hope. True platform bliss. I highly believe that the only platform games that even approach this level of gameplay are SMB3 and Sonic 1 - Sonic and Knuckles. You all know the cape, the flower and Yoshi by now. They're all equally useful and these power-ups aid in the level design more than ever.

Challenge: (10) While actually extremely easy to finish, there is, as another reviwer said, lot of nuances to this game that make it challenging. Finishing every stage every possible way is definitely not easy. Remember Tubular?

Control: (10) From now on, in game's where story is not relevant, this category will be used. Now as for this, come one, its a freakin' Mario game. It better be flawless or Nintendo will collectively shoot itself.

Replay: (11) You will never get tired of this game unless you whine that it's too cute and easy an pretend to hate it. I still play it ocassionally on ZSNES.

Overall: (10) This game's a class act all the way. It's fun, it's creative, and it's cute without trying to be sickening. Outstanding!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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