Review by The Lone Duck

"The Game. I mean THE GAME. Another Miyamoto Masterpeice!"

Okay, I've given out two 10's so far, and I will add another. It seems like people are saying, well, there are bad things like level raising or, blah, blah, etc., etc.. Well, I fell that only true masterpeices, games that could be defined as artwork, a 10. Enough with the editorial though, you wanna know WHY this game is good.

Graphics and Sound: 8

Hey, you gave this game a 10?! Are you bananas?!! No, I simply give graphics very little weight. This game has lot's of enemies, meaning lot's of sprites. The backgounds can be very well-made. Sound is average, as it is in most Mario games, though the music is incredible

Difficulty: 11

Now when I say this, I mean you'll have that much difficulty. This game is hard!! Now your thinking, I beat that as a kid, it's easy! You have probably forgoten many of the nuances of the game.


Mwahahahahahahahahaaaa... Over 75 full length stages!! Makes you quiver don't it?!There are many puzzles too, such as get the key from A to B, and there are several paths to Bowser's Castle. You'll enjoy, that's the Duckon Guarantee!

Overall: 10

I can't give a game higher than a 10, so here you are. Get it. Play it. Weep tears of joy. Note: Duckon Guarantee has no validity other than a crazy talking duck android rambling about videogames.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/22/01

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