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"Mario's Debut On The Super Nintendo Is Outstanding"

It's Mario's debut on the Super Nintendo! And boy, does he have a lot to pack into this wild adventure! The game starts with Mario finding out Bowser had kidnapped Princess Peach once again. It's up to Mario to rescue her. Mario, with lots of help from some companions he meets on his journey, such as Yoshi, it is up to you to guide Mario through a magical world filled with mushrooms, stars, and secrets!

The graphics were very good. A lot of detail was added to Mario and the backgrounds and his enemies in this quest. Such as in the first, Mario was red and blue with a tan face and that little mustache. You can see a small part of Mario's gut, his overalls, how they stand out, his hat, and the rest. It's really quite nice. Thing's weren't that hard to see. Some were bright, some were dark, cool looking. Except when you die, Mario looks pretty weird.

The sound was pretty good. Yoshi, koopas dying, all was done pretty well. It was pretty much top quality.

The gameplay was absolutely mindblowing. Pure greatness and improvement from the first. Flying was added into the game too, and that really gives it a certain spice. The game starts with Mario finding out Peach is gone, and Bowser has tookin her, so you must save her. You go through Castles and Fortress's, and if I remember correctly, most of the fortress's pretty much took on the same design theme, where the castles were mostly all different. Each castle had it's own boss, most of which were pretty easy to beat. Boss's ranged from a fat turd in a shell climbing up a wall and falling on you to trying to hit a big koopa off a little boat shaped like a half lemon and into a pool of lava. Mario had a lot more powers in this game. The cape being one of them. He still has the fire flower which gives him the ability to shoot fireballs. It's pretty useful if you think about it. The cape was very fun, and was used as a weapon. You would spin around and it would kill the enemies. Plus flying was a breeze. You would just work up speed and jump of a high ledge and hit back to used the cape to glide through the air, higher or lower or where ever you want to go. Or you can run really fast and fly up into the air. I've seen people do this and fly through the whole level to complete it fast.

Mario also has a backup weapon in this game. It is located in the top of the screen in the middle. You must gain it though. If you are already ''big'' Mario(You have already gotten a mushroom), then if you get another one it goes to the top, and comes falling down if you get hit. It's actually pretty useful. The game was actually MUCH larger than the first. With there being TONS of different paths you can take on the map, and each level containing a lot of secrets, this game will keep you playing for a long time. Getting Yoshi is fun too, the only drawback is you can't take him in Castles and Fortresses'. When you enter one, it will show him and Mario ride up, Mario jump off, look up as the door opens, and walk in leaving him outside. Plus, if you are on Yoshi and get hit, that damn dinosaur goes running wild through the level, and your only means of getting him back is to chase him down and jump on his back. Otherwise, if he gets away, you must find him in a different level. And when you first get him, he mentions about Bowser trapping him in an egg. For each castle you defeat, Mario rescues a small baby Yoshi egg, and blows up the castle in some comical way. Yes, amusing.

Yoshi has more of a part than running, jumping, and eating with his incredibly long tongue. A really fun part of this game is finding baby Yoshi's and picking them up with Mario. They come in any color. You must bring them through the level with you and instead of jumping on your enemies, walking into them with the baby Yoshi and the Yosh will eat them. After eating enough, the Yoshi will turn into adult Yoshi Mario can ride him. Plus, certain levels have ''wings'' and if you jump into them with Yoshi he will be able to fly in a high place. Very cool.

The control was pretty easy to catch onto. But that won't stop your five year old little brother from getting the controller and walking straight into the first enemy over and over again, Maybe it's just a thing with little kids, as I did it too a few times when I got the game. The controls were basically jumping and some forms of attacking, such as waving your cape or shooting fireballs. And the spin jump was added to the game! It's kind powerful, but harder to control than the regular.

Overall, Mario's debut on the Super Nintendo was spectacular and I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy if you have an SNES but don't have the game. Duel gives it a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/02, Updated 10/27/02

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