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"A great beginning for a great system."

Introduced to the world in 1991, packaged along with the Super NES system, Super Mario World grew to become one of the greatest sold games ever. Although its graphics can hold much of a candle to today's, there were the best of their time and surpassed second and third generation games. Our brotherly duo, Mario and Luigi, have returned to an island chain in the Mushroom Kingdom with many more possiblities set forth and many secrets along the way. As they fight, they meet their new companion, Yoshi. With Yoshi, they fight against Bowser's bothersome kids and go up against the big kahuna himself for one of their greatest battles ever. Will the princess be saved yet again? Can our heroes save the Yoshi babies? What is that weird noise Yoshi makes when the duo climbs on his back? ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: Very true to the Mario genre. The cartoony aspects only draw you into the game. All of the enemies now look much more realistic than they did in the original games, with 3-D like motion and smoother sprites. The stages are more creative looking than ever, instead of the lacking backgrounds the originals had. This was the first time Nintendo experienced ''multiple backgrounds,'' where many backgrounds are overlapped so the far places move slower than the closer ones, for a more realistic effect. Mario and Luigi look like they did in the first ones, but I'm starting to wonder about Luigi's purple overalls. There is no slowdown at any point, and some of the stages will make you drop your jaw. The attractiveness of the original Super NES game will want to make you leap for joy. I swear, you'll like it. (10/10)

STORY: This is where the Mario genre lacks, but, then again, it really doesn't matter that much, since most of gaming fun comes from how much you enjoy playing it. Our heroes are on a picnic with Princess Toadstool on a distant isle called Yoshi's Island. What they do not know is that Bowser has made a lair under the island chain and hears of our heroes arrival from his pesky children. Instead of whisking them away on their airships-one of which crahed in the nearby sea- he sends them to the surrounding islands to take over in the fortresses overlooking the land. Meanwhile, the brothers are still snacking away when they stroll off, and Bowser shows up and kidnaps the princess behind their backs. When they return, they know who is behind the shenanigans, and decide they must free the land from his menacing claws. I sort of derived some of this from the instruction booklet, but you get the picture. It's OK, but it isn't like it's never been used before. (7/10)

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: Some of the most innovative gaming available. The challenge is a bit on the easy sidde, but you'll find that you're wrong after moving on through the optional fortresses and Star Road. The whole bit is quite hard! Soda Lake has to be one of the biggest pains in the butt, but the Special Land- phew! Don't get me started there. New enemies have been added, mostly dinosuars. Some enemies are just plain hilarious, while others will drove you nuts. The new world map is much different than the old one. Instead of having the entire world set before you, you have a single stage. Some stages have one exit, while others have some secret endings. When you end a stage, a path will appear to the next stage. Working around the world can be easy, but finding every single stage can be quite difficult. There are many paths for you to find, and some paths must be found. There are now certain color blocks with a ''!'' on them, all which yield either a special item or act as a platform. Finding the palaces that give you the blocks can be frustrating, but it will totally be worth it. Most of the abilities are gone from SMB 3, all but the Star and Fire Flower. A new addition is the cape, which allows you to fly, float, and use a special smash attack. That isn't all. Yoshi is your new ticket to destinations. Riding him can be helpful to get through stages. There are other colored Yoshis that are available that can do special attacks, like pound the ground or breathe fire, or even sprout wings. The saving ability in the game is a must. Unfortunately, to save, you must either fight through a Ghost House or beat a boss. Try using the Ghost House in Donut Plains... I know there is something else I want to say... Oh yeah- I LOVE IT! (10/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: Some of the songs are catchy, while others might start driving you a little crazy. All in all, the tunes are happy and fun, and there are many to listen to, so you won't really get sick of them. The sounds are standard for the action type of game. (9.5/10)

-Players: 1-2. Play as one brother or the other! Rhyme, rhyme...
-Fun Factor: 10. Well, like, yeah.
-Replay Value: 9. Some stages can be a bit frustrating, but finding all 96... there's a task and a half!
-Rent or Buy: Try to buy it if you don't already own it.

So there's my review of the first of many Mario games made for the Super NES. It's fantasic fun- I'll guaruntee you'll enjoy every second of it. Even little kids and old geezers will like it. To end this review, I will use a quote from one of my Calvin and Hobbes collections:
''How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?''

OVERALL: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/01/00, Updated 03/01/00

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