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"Mario had the world at his feet with this game."

As it is usual for Nintendo, their first game for their new console is one of the best, with games like this one, I just can’t understand those few people that preferred the Genesis, it is crazy!, I would also want to say that, even if there are games that you like more, you just can’t rate this game with a lower rating than ten, because this game is simply flawless, there isn’t any flaw, if you rate this game lower then that is because you are drunk, so all of you that can’t see the game’s grandness better go and do something else, video games are not for you.

This time Mario is in Dinosaur Island, but aside from that everything is still the same as always, Princess Toadstool has been kidnapped by Bowser. A classic story for a classic game, no need of more.

Graphics (10/10):
Lovely bright colours and childish designs everywhere!, just like Nintendo likes it, and perfect for a Mario game. The graphics were and are lovely, the variety is incredible and all the enemies, characters, and backgrounds look terrific, full of life, perfectly designed, and very funny. Perfect, just perfect.

Music (10/10):
The best word to define the music in almost any Super Mario game is “catchy”, because that is what they are, incredibly catchy tunes that will get stuck on your head for the rest of your life, you will find yourself humming all the songs everywhere anytime.

Gameplay (10/10):
Is it possible not to give Super Mario World a perfect rating here, is it possible to just one single flaw in Super Mario World’s gameplay? It is NOT.

The gameplay is still the same one from the previous games only that with hundreds of new features, for example we can still hold the shells left when we jump over a turtle and throw them whenever we want, but there are also new ones, as well as new items, some superpowers, more complex enemies and level designs, etc.

Yoshi, the friendly multicolour asexual dinosaur is one of the most interesting new features, we are not going to able to make eggs, but he can still swallow some enemies to spit them as fire balls or a lot more things (as well as items, only that we can’t spit them). If we get hurt while riding Yoshi he (or she, as you like) will star to run desperately and we have to try to ride him again, it is the same if we get hurt a million of time, we can always ride him again if we manage to catch him. If we want we can also leave him behind, the good thing is that he will be waiting patiently where we left him if we want to ride him again in the same stage.

Also, this time we are able to store an item (mushrooms, flowers, etc), if we get hurt that item will let us gain power again, but if we want to use it in that moment we can do it by pressing the Select button.

Another little thing is that like in the first Super Mario Bros. at the end of each stage there is some kind of little bar going up and down and get more points if we catch it higher, this is pretty useless, but those like me who grew up with the very first Super Mario game will appreciate it, probably, anyway I did, leave me alone!

We can only save after beating certain stages, commonly Keeps and Switch Palaces, and this is GREAT, because this way everything is more difficult, and I hate games in which is possible to save anytime anywhere.

The new map is like an improved version of the one found in Super Mario Bros. 3, a much better version. This time there is only one map, one huge map full of secrets, sub paths, hidden stages, and an incredibly big etc, we even have the opportunity to change the World’s colour. We can’t explore it freely, but it is not necessary, it works perfectly. Platform games nowadays need maps like the one this game has.

Replay Value:
The expression “more replay value than you can shake a stick at” is not enough to describe the incredibly huge amount of time you will be playing this game, and even after beating it with absolutely all the secrets, you will probably replay it a lot of times again, that was what I did, I finished this game completely more of less five times, this is because Super Mario World is a classical Nintendo game, one of those games only they can do, one of those games that never end, like Super Metroid, or Yoshi’s Island, or Super Mario Kart, or... I can go one forever. Super Mario World is one of the longest and with more replay value games in history.

Even nowadays, and with the sole exception of Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World is still the best game Mario has ever been into (Yoshi’s Island doesn’t counts, because Yoshi was the main character in that one), Super Mario 64 was excellent also, but Super Mario World is still the best. So, even nowadays, if what you are looking for an unbelievably fun, addictive, long, and more than anything TRUE platform game look no further, Super Mario World is your game, as well as one of the best games of all time.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/04

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