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"Difficulty and in a total lack of."

Ah, Super Mario World...the first SNES title, and it was not too bad, either. In fact, just last week, I loaded up my cartridge and decided to play it for a little while. Now I am starting to wish that I did not do such a thing, for it showed me a fatal gameplay flaw. Seriously, it is impossible to lose this game, since there are about 10 opportunities to score free lives. It is a lot like the PC disasterpiece entitled ''Big Rigs''; no matter what you do, ''You're Winner''.

Graphics - 10 - ''Nintendo really dressed up this flagship.''

What can I say? The graphics in this game are top notch, featuring vivid colors, well-drawn enemies and effects, and a world map that is very easy to follow. In fact, I think this game did a much better in the graphics department than its sequel (which is a personal favorite of mine). Of course, just because I gave this game a 5 does not mean that I need to hate every single part of it. It only takes one sour apple to spoil the bunch.

Music & FX- 8 - ''Good old catchy tunes equate to a rock solid music rating.''

Ah, the music of Super Mario World 2. Just like the old Mario themes of the past, the themes in this game are cartoonish, light-hearted, and fun. In fact, even as I type this review, I have the Donut Plains theme stuck in my head. However, the reason why I gave this game an 8 in this category is because none of the tracks were truly spectacular. The sound effects were also well-done, featuring quirky yet appropriate sounds whenever objects, enemies, or boxes are struck by our favorite plumber. An overall excellent job in this department, as well.

Storyline - 5 - ''Rescue Peach from Bowser? I think i have heard this before somewhere...''

The storyline is nothing special, since it is modeled after the same plots used in the game's prequels; save Princess Peach from the diabolical turtle. However, I like how Nintendo decided to incorporate the Koopa Kids into the plot, since they deserve more recognition these days! I also like how Nintendo developed the concept of a ''Star Road'', but that is one of the big reasons why the game becomes too easy.

Gameplay - 4 - ''Noooooooo, Mario is dead! I only have 93 lives left!''

This is where Super Mario World bites the big one, gameplay. My critique of gameplay factors in many things, such as enjoyment, creativity, and last but certainly not least, difficulty. Of course, this game is quite enjoyable to play (since the tried and true Mario formula doesn't fail), but it is not really the most creative game in the world. After all, Super Mario 3 had more suit variations than SMW. However, even without crativity, this game would still get a solid 9 in gameplay...if it wasn't for the sheer lack of difficulty. The difficulty in this game is nonexistant; as I mentioned before, there are many, MANY places where one can score free one-ups. Let me name some places right off the bat (all of which are able to be exited with a click of start+select); in Yoshi's Island 2, you get a free 1-up right at the beginning of the stage! And this is the 2nd stage in the whole game! Also, in the Top Secret Area, you can easily get free 1-ups after obtaining Yoshi. In the 3-Os block-boinking game, you can get an average of 6 to 9 1-ups every time (15 if you are lucky). In the Forest of Illusion 1, you can get a star from a box, allowing you to get over 20 1-ups in 20 seconds! And all of these methods are able to be done over and over! This is, to me, a very sickening thing, since it sucks a lot of the enjoyment out of the game; you literally have nothing to fear from the enemies. I would not mind if these free 1-up opportunities were well-hidden (like in Super Mario 3), but they are easier to find than a blue car.

Another aspect of this game that totally destroys the game's difficulty is the infamous Star Road, allowing experienced players (or players who check GameFAQs) to beat the game from the beginning in less than an hour. of course, the Star Road locations are well-hidden, but once they are found, they allow a gamer to successfully bypass all of the worlds and go directly to Bowser's Castle. At least you actually have to beat the rest of the stage in SMB3...

This game would get a lower gameplay score SMW did not have many new, redeeming features, such as fortresses, switch palaces, and ghost houses, but these positives cannot even come close to outweighing the negatives.

Control - 10 - ''Good control at all times...but does it really matter?''

The answer to the above question is ''no''. Good control is expected from platform games, and Nintendo successfully delivers this.

Final score - 5 - ''if you are looking for a game...'' will not find it in SMW, since in order for this cartridge to be considered a ''game'', it would need at least SOME difficulty. But alas, Super Mario World lacks toughness, making it the ultimate game for beginners. however, this game was not meant for beginners (like FFMQ, which is 500 times harder than this), it was meant for the general gaming populace. Definitely do not buy this game, since there are about 100 better titles on the SNES alone.

P.S.- Yes, I know that I have given SMW the lowest rating so far >_<.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/18/04

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