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"Mario teams with Yoshi in one of his finest games"

The Mario franchise is the most known franchise there is. But what makes a Mario game so good? I believe that's it the fact that the game can great so many games with different levels but still keep it challenging to the end. Super Mario World is the first game with Yoshi. Yoshi is a friend of Mario's and Mario uses Yoshi to eat monsters and anything else that gets in his path. Like classic Mario games, by doing 2-Player, you are able to use Luigi as well. All things aside, I truly believe Super Mario World is the best Mario game there is. With a definite nod to Super Mario Bros. 3.

You start the game off with the usual, Bowser has captured the princess and his minions have taken Yoshi's friends. You set out to conquer the seven other castles and then challenge bowser for the prize of Princess Peach. New to the series are colored boxes that are transparent when you first see them, but once you complete the short but fun level where you press the button down, they become solid. The yellow and green boxes give you mushrooms and feathers while the red and blue don't give you anything.

There is a new power-up for Mario known as the feather. Unlike other Marios, Mario does not turn into a raccoon. He instead gains a cape and the ability to run up pipes (if there is a helper at the corner) and can fly. What I love about this flying mode, is that it's based on skill and Mario is able to go higher or fall to the ground with a powerful hit. The flower power-up returns and Mario is able to shoot fireballs. A neat addition to this game is that you can carry and extra feather, flower, or mushroom so when you are hit you can use it to upgrade back or switch whenever you feel like it.

Yoshi also comes along to help, you can find him and his other friends (blue, yellow, and red) The blue Yoshi can fly when he eats a shell, the yellow Yoshi can smash the ground when he eats a shell, and the red Yoshi shoots fireballs as he eats shell. The only difference between them and the green Yoshi is that no matter what color the shell, the colored Yoshis (Or is it Yoshii?) always do their skill and depending on the shell is what determines what the green Yoshi will do of those three skills.

The levels in the game are very nicely done. They start off easy and eventually get harder and some are near impossible. The game has three files and record how many exits you have found. By looking at the level, if it is red then there is more than one exit. If it is yellow, then there's only one. There are also levels like haunted houses, fortresses, and eventually star levels that lead to insanely hard levels. But all your efforts won't be in vain, if you manage to beat all 96 levels. Then you will be granted with some nice bonuses. I have to talk about two of my favorite levels (besides star world and the switch levels) one is on World 2 where you can go crazy with flying and get a whole bunch of coins. This is the level that lets you get the feather for the first time. And the other level is on one of the bridges with chainsaws, let me give you some advice. With Yoshi, hands down, best level ever. You'll see what I mean when you play it and find the secrets.

Music in the game is the same music you're used to with some new ones put in the games. It seems to fit perfectly as do the character designs. When you finish a level, instead of jumping on a green flag or grabbing a power-up. You have to time your jump perfectly and attempt to pass through the bar as it reaches the peak of its ascent. Once you have tallied up enough points, you can do this mini-game where you can collect 1UPS. I must tell you now that these level are truly designed well and are very well constructed. Another useful feature is the ability to quit the level with everything you have and return to the map (note that you had to of completed the level first though). This is useful when there's a nice power-up at the beginning and you want to have it for a castle. It can also help when you are about to die and have a power-up on you.

With a new Mario game, you expect new and returned enemies. Don't worry, this game has both of those. The Koopas are back along with bad guys that I wish they'd put in the new Marios. There a few football players that actually kick footballs at you and attempt to tackle you. Then there are things like worms, chain saws, big boo and rhinos. The worlds on the other hand are great as well, as you battle through chocolate land, the forest, bridges, caves, lakes, and eventually to Bowser's lair.

Bowser's lair is by far the best one to this day, if you decide to complete the levels the normal way. Then you will have access to the front door. Here you will go through a few tough stages as you make your way to Bowser. Or if you would like an easier way, you can beat some option levels and go through the back door. Here you will only have to jump a few lava pits as you prepare to battle Bowser. I won't spoil the battle, but it is one of the weirdest and funniest things to watch and play.

Yes! This is the best Mario game there is. If you have a SNES, get this game. You will not be disappointed. Even non-videogame fans will enjoy this (my sister plays it and nothing else) so go to your local used videogame store and slap down $4 and bring it home.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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