Review by Mortortex

Reviewed: 08/26/05

The ultimate SNES Mario game is probably the best Mario game ever made.

The ultimate SNES Mario game is probably the best Mario game ever made. If I hade to imagine the best Mario game this would have to be it. It takes the world to a whole new level and the map system is just genius.

You act, of course, Mario and Bowser has captures the Princess again, man, how does she keep getting captured? The levels are dots on the screen that are connected by a paths joint between two beaten levels. Going into a level takes you to some of the best 2-D gameplay imaginable.

Mario is revamped and is ready to go. Like all other Mario game he can get hit and shrink, but then when a mushroom is at hand, grow back into Super Mario. Some additions are the capes, which acts much like the tail did in Super Mario Bros. 3, helping you fly into the air, and the addition of Yoshi. Yoshi is a rideable dinosaur with a ferocious appetite. He can eat almost anything, berries, Koopas, etc. There are colored Yoshies to be found with all different abilities. Red Yoshi spits fireballs, Blue Yoshi can fly in the air, and Yellow Yoshi can stomp on the ground, all with shells in their mouths. The colored shells have the same effect on Green Yoshi. Red makes fireballs, Blue gives wings, and Yellow gives the stomp ability.

The enemies are imaginative as can be. Giant bullets crash through the screen giving Mario little time to dodge. Charging Chunks are sports nuts that are seen punting football, throwing baseballs, trying to rush you, and more. The originals like shelled Koopas and Goombas are still here. The shells from the Koopas are more useful than ever in this game. having a shell in your hands gives you the extra power to kill most anything in your way.

The map design is all to do with certain types of food. Fore instance Chocolate Island is one of the places, Doughnut plains, and Vanilla dome are some other examples. You are allowed to pass though the maps in many different ways, making this feel more free than other Mario games. The map isn't merely a map but a world linking all the places together. The names aren’t the only things cool about the maps. For instance Chocolate Island sort of looks like a chocolate bar and Doughnut Plains resembles a doughnut.

There are 8 castles in the game with 8 Koopas under each one. Each has their own powers and is beaten in a unique environment. My favourites are Wendy and Lemmy with their tube game. There is a line of tubes with two fake Koopas. All three pop up and you have to kit the correct one on the head. Not only is this game fun but games like that one are what make this game worth playing.

Boo houses are new additions that are filled with ghosts. The ghosts are shy though and when looked at hide and don't move. When your back is turned then they come after you. The Big Boo is a humungous ghost that is shy as well. He is most impressive and is one of toughs things that you stop and say, "hey, that's pretty good!" The fishing boos are some weird things. They have a fishing pole and try and hook Mario, interesting.

The graphics in this game are excellent. You got the nice green grasses, blue waters, nice look on all the background design. The music is all new and very well put together. It's not up to par with some of the other games out now, but it gets the job done.

When it's all said and done Mario brings home the bacon. It's a good game with loads of replay value that really never gets boring. I've had this game for around 10 years now and I still play it on occasion and like it. Unlike other Mario games that are just linear, left to right games, while this one is linear, it is given a different look because it has alternate endings to levels and secret switch palaces that change outlined blocks into solid ones, making you revisit certain levels. Overall I was very impressed with this game and Mario fans everywhere already probably know this, but, best Mario game ever!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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