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"One of the best things for the gaming industry... that's what this game is."

All the Mario games before this one had been awesome (excluding SMB2, which was awesome but a copy) and everyone was dying for the SNES and the promised new game for Mario. So, eventually people saw that it would have potential and bought it, including myself, only to find out that the SNES as a console had a bright future.

If it hadn't been for this game, most possibly the Genesis would have been a better rival to the SNES, since both are excellent consoles with similar potential. But since the SNES had as an introduction the great Super Mario World.

So, lets see all what I think about the game, and if you happen to never played it before I hope you will feel attraction to the game.


The graphics are above the average to what one sees on the SNES, but definetely not the best. The colors are very nice and everything looks with the same details, so you won't notice any problem with it. Comparing to SMB3, the graphics are way superior, but this doesn't show the true graphics the SNES can master as one can see on games like Super Metroid or Donkey Kong Country.


All the songs you see in this game are now considered some of the best classics. Does that mean anything to you? Yes, the music in this game is almost unbeatable. The songs are nothing outstanding, but they work for what they were made: entertain and make you laugh sometimes. As a mix between music and sounds, you don't get tired of them, which makes it very special.

One fun factor about the music is that since I played it very often, something like 11 years ago, to now, I still recognize any song from it very easily. This should help you to know how good the music is. As you might know, this happens to every Mario game from the SNES and NES days, but this one has some very strong classics.


It's what we've seen so far in the first and third Super Mario Bros games. The worst aspect of the game for me and for most people. Yes, it works but only because we are used to it.

If you've never played the Mario games from NES, here's the story: Bowser, the evil guy of the story, kidnaps the Princess Peach. But this time he does more things than only that: he imprisons yoshi eggs on the castles from his children to prevent them from growing. You've to beat every children from bowser and bowser himself in order to save everyone. Very simple, I know.


The control reacts almost perfectly and is very easy to learn to use it. The bad aspect is that you're not going to take full advantage of all the buttons the SNES controller has, but it isn't so bad, since this means that you are going to be able to have fun without having problems on learning everything. So, in other words, the control in this game is too simple but very good. That's good, unless you like having to learn 500 buttons and 1000 options about what you can do with a game. At least I don't.


And here is when there are different opinions. Some say that nothing changed since Super Mario Bros 3, except the fact that you don't get all the awesome suits you used to be able to get. But here is where the magic of Yoshi appears. Some people are fan of it just because it looks cool, but being objective, Yoshi is one great idea for the gameplay and it adds many points to it. It just can do so many things, making it fun and always different, but Yoshi doesn't make you invencible which makes it good.

If Yoshi wasn't enough reason to give it a 9, there comes all the levels with all the variations and the originality in them. How many levels are there? For what I can remember, the number goes over 100. And each of them is great. The ghost levels are special. Definetely my favorite levels in all the Mario games one can fine this days.

So, if everything is so fun and perfect why give it a 9 on the gameplay? Because it is still way too based on all the SMB games on NES. Unlike Super Mario 64, this game is just a sequel and one gotta be more strict with sequels.

FUN: 9

The music plus the control makes this game one extremely fun game. I still play it sometimes on my working SNES when I'm bored.


One can play it many times without getting bored, there is no doubt about it; but there is nothing special with it. Once you've mastered the game you will get bored and there is no other option. Now, how long will it take you to master it? Probably a long time, depending on how good gamer you are. The game is still fun, but there is just nothing to add RV to it.


Buy the game and enjoy it for a long time. Getting a SNES this days might be only for those who are very interested on collecting, but if you already have one saved and you never played SMW (very improbable), you have to buy it. This game could've had more things, but it's still great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/05

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