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"Best Mario game. Bar none!"

Super Mario World was the first great Mario adventure made for the Super Nintendo since the release of Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Nintendo. Super Mario World was an amazing game and was quite similar to Super Mario Bros. 3. Though it was quite like Super Mario Bros. 3, there were a lot of new features that were added and it was highly upgraded since the last game.

Princess Toadstool has been stolen once again by Bowser and it is up to you, playing as either Mario or Luigi, to save her from Bowser's castle. These two plumbers will have to maneuver their way through all of the levels in the game, beating bosses, unlocking colored blocks, and destroying Bowser's world all to save their beloved Princess. From the beginning of the game you will have to move your way through glamorous caves, lively plains, water-filled lands, and tall castles all over.

The first new feature is the map. The map is a big upgrade from the past Mario games. The others looked like a board game and you moved Mario from space to space. This one still uses that concept of moving Mario from space to space, but this time the world map looked a lot like a real place. By that I mean there was roads, bridges, hills, lakes, and an ocean surrounding all of the land. Besides the new landscape each level on the map has either a red dot or yellow dot on them. If a level has a yellow dot, there is only one way to complete the level. If a level has a red dot, there is more than one way to complete a level. By completing a level two or more ways you can defeat it the primary way, which will bring you to a new level, or the secondary way which will bring you to another level or secret path. Of course, you can't go to a level unless you beat the level before it.

To move on to a new level you will need to complete the level before it. To complete it instead of the tall flagpole or square with a card in it, but two poles with a bar moving up and down them. To beat the level you have to jump through the two poles. That is not it though. If you jump and hit the bar that is running through the two bars, you will get a certain number of points ranging from 1-30. At the top of the screen in the center, there is a number. The points that you get from the bar will add on to that. Once you go to a hundred points, the meter will start over and you will get a chance to get a few extra lives. You will come to a room that has a central button with, a flower, star, feather, or mushroom in it. There will be eight other boxes rotating around the central on that have images constantly changing. When you hit one, it will stop changing images and keep moving. Once you hit all of the boxes, if you have a row of the same images, you will get an extra live.

Mario still has most of his power-ups that he had in the previous game including regular, big Mario, fire power Mario, and flying Mario. Unfortunately, we don't see frog Mario or hammer Mario like we did in the previous game. These type of power-ups are found in all kinds of blocks scattered all over the world.

During the game play, you may have noticed that some of the blocks aren't where they should be. By this, I mean that there will be a dotted outline of a block, but no block there. This is because there are places in Super Mario World called block palaces where you have to activate the blocks. By completing a block palace all of the blocks of that certain color will be filled in. Some of the blocks have to be filled in to beat levels and more likely you have to activate them to beat a level a secondary way.

One of the best features in this game is your new green dinosaur companion named Yoshi. Yoshi is extremely useful while playing the game. First of all, he will serve as a kind of “shield”. If you come in contact with an enemy, Yoshi will simply run away and you will jump off. After you get off you can simply get back onto him by jumping back on. Yoshi also moves quite a bit faster than Mario making beating levels a lot easier. Yoshi can also stick out his tongue like a frog would to eat enemies. After you eat a certain number of enemies or berries, Yoshi will suddenly poop out a one-up mushroom. While eating turtle shells, they will have a certain effect on Yoshi. For example, he will just spit out green ones, blue ones make him fly, and red ones make him spit out fireballs. In some of the later levels on Star Road, Yoshi won't be in his full form. He will look like a baby Yoshi. To fix this and get him to normal size, just feed him a few things. Yoshi only comes up in some levels, and if you have him when you beat a level, you will be able to bring him to the next level also. Unfortunately, you can't use Yoshi on castles, or underwater levels, but will still have him after you beat that level. Most Yoshi's are green, but in later levels, you will meet some of them that are different colors. These don't have special characteristics though.

Besides Yoshi, Mario has learned a few new tricks and moves since his last game that are really cool. While flying, he can slam himself against the ground and create a mini-earthquake, or fly the whole level, but first you need a running start before you can fly. You can also do a spinning move to bust up some blocks and kill enemies.

The graphics were actually very well done. The animation in particular was the best part. Everything was always very well done and was very clear. The colors were also very good. It was very bright and the contrast between the colors was very good.

Another flawless feature in Super Mario World. The music includes some of the original music from the previous Mario games, and some new music that is quite catchy. All of the music is very catchy and will get stuck in your head for hours. The sound effects are also very good. They are all clear and fit perfectly. They include, explosions, Mario growing, and other sounds that make the gaming experience even better.

Game Play
All of the basics in Super Mario World was explained above. I think this is by far the best Super Mario game that was made, even compared to the newest addition, Super Mario Sunshine. I especially liked the features of the world map and a new addition to your team, Yoshi.

Another improvement since the last game. The last Super Mario games controls were a little hard but these were much improved. If you were a pro at Super Mario Bros. 3's controls you should have absolutely no problem with this game.

Replay Value
Like the three classics for the NES, Super Mario World has had me hooked on it since the first time I played it. Even though I know almost the whole game by heart now, it's still a lot of fun to play.

This is definitely the best Mario game that was made, except of course for Super Mario RPG. But in the platform type games like this and most other Mario games, this is top knotch.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/26/06

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