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"My first 16 bit game and its one of the best"

Super Mario 1, 2, and 3 for the NES were great games that put Super Mario on the map. When I got my Super, this was the first game I got. Actually it game with it. But I couldn't put this game down. When I beat this game without all the secrets and everything, I wanted to play it again to get it all. This game does everything right, and I can't think of what it did wrong. It's too late to get a Super Nintendo, but this game will remind you of all the great times you had because this game started it all.

Graphics: 10/TeN- It was my first game, I was stunned at the graphics. I'm trying to think back of how stunned I really was. This game is really colorful and the backgrounds are beautifully drawn. Even Mario and Luigi look great for a Super Nintendo. The only little problem I had was in a level (I think it was the Forest Illusion Secret). The background started moving very fast and it got me so dizzy. I tried not to look, but it was hard to do that. Other than that, for a Super, the graphics in this game is better than average. For my first Super Nintendo game, the graphics are perfect.

Sounds: 9.5/TeN- I love the sound Mario makes when he jumps. The music is great. The dungeon music makes an evil tone. The sound the football player guy makes when you step on him on the head. The sound that you make when you get a mushroom, feather, or fire flower. All these little sounds are very good for the game, and I like it a lot. The Star Road music is entertaining, and the Ghost House music is eerie and scary. To make a long story short, there is nothing wrong here. It's a 9.5 because there isn't enough Music. I hear a lot of the same thing, but thats fine. I think I'm getting too picky.

Gameplay: 10/TeN- The story is the same. Save that same Princess for the 100th time. This game doesn't have as much levels as Super Mario 3, but each level has as much fun as the other levels. Some levels are very easy, some are very hard. This game is very balanced, and there isn't going to be a part where you're just going to turn off the game because it's too hard. You're going to keep on trying until you get it right. At least that's what I did. The only problem I had was the saves. When I had to go out and I was 3 levels to a Ghost House, I was really mad because I know that I'm not going to finish the levels in tine to save the game. But thats okay, I'd love to do the levels over again. What replaces the leaf is the feather which is the same thing. Instead of an almost unlimited amount of objects Mario 3 had, this game just has a little box at a top. But what Mario 3 didn't have was Yoshi. He is the best. He can eat many of the enemies for the same price of a coin, he can take a hit and when you do that he gets off of you and runs around but you can get him back, if you fall off a cliff you can sacrafise him to save your own life and get another one. This guy is just too cool. There are even different kinds of Yoshi's that are strong in different ways. Like a blue Yoshi flies on any shell it eats. Little things in this game also make it so fun. There are too many little things though.

Control: 10/TeN: I press B, it jumps. I press A, It spin jumps. There is no problems unless your controller is borken.

Replay: 10/TeN: I've played this game like 100 times and every time I've played it, I had the same fun I had (well, I had more fun the first time). This has good replay value for fans of the game.

I don't know if you can find this game, but if you do, get it, it's one of the best Super Nintendo games ever! If you're reading this and have the game, play it again! Get back to all those 16-bit 2D days. Sometimes I do put my Playstation down to play a little Mario. All in all, I loved this game. This game marked the direction Super Nintendo was heading, and Super Nintendo went to that right direction until its 32 bit cousins continued where Super Nintendo couldn't go further.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 01/13/01

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