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"Final Fantasy 2 packs the punches with good gameplay, a twisting plot, and a superb soundtrack."

Final Fantasy 2/4j is a game for all ages. Now rare, this game was one of the first RPGs to come out on the SNES. Even so, this game is a masterpiece. A world with a variety of monsters, a dozen towns and villages, and complex dungeons, this game is ranked on my Best Top Ten ever.

Graphics-7/10- The graphics in Final Fantasy 2 are only satisfactory. 2d and sometimes a little blurry, they are no match for newer SNES games. Although, considering the time this game came out, the graphics are great. Don't pass up this game for lack of perfect artistry.

Soundtrack-10/10- Beautiful Music fills every town, dungeon, and even map of this game, making you just want to lean back and enjoy the soundtrack. The sounds fit the mood of the moment, and some just beg you to sing along.

Gameplay - 9/10- The gameplay for Final Fantasy 2 is great. The battle menu is simple to use, and the large selection of spells makes you want to keep enemies alive so you can try each one. Very easy to use. The only problem is the random battles. When trying to avoid them, they can become a nuisance.

Hidden Secrets-10/10- This game is chock full of hidden things to find in chests, battles, or by speaking with people. Keeping the player talking to everyone in town, searching every inch of a dungeon, and fighting every monster they come across shows that how addictive this game really is. Though some objects are laid out in front of the player, many items are only obtainable after a long quest of searching.

Story - 10/10- Twists and Turns fill the plot of this game, from the beginning to the end. The story never grows dull, and there is always a change around the corner.

Characters-9/10-Character menu, battle and map profiles are beautiful. Some pictures hard to understand. Each character is very different, and are all a good addition to your party. From Kain, the unsure Dragoon, to Rydia, the orphaned Caller, no character is the same. The only problem with the character list is that the game forces certain characters upon you. This can be hard to deal with during certain parts in the game.

Replayability - 10/10- Definite replayability. With hidden chests, secret areas and more, this game makes the player want to restart and play again as soon as they finish the game. With four save slots, you could have several games going at once, or save at your favorite spots, so you can play them over and over again.

To buy or to rent? - Buy, if you can find it. Now rare, Final Fantasy 2 is out of ''print''. If you can find one, scoop it up quickly. You will be the proud new owner of a great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/16/00, Updated 09/16/00

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