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"Great Game, Poor Translation"

Whats the Best Game Series ever made? Final Fantasy. Whats the Best Game in the Series? Final Fantasy IV(II in the American Version). This game had it all: A Thrilling Storyline, A lovable cast of characters, and, of course, a rather sketchy english to japanese translation("Spoony Bard!").

The classic side view battle system that really distinguished the final fantasy series is back, but this time with an added twist: An active time engine. Gone are the turn based battles, where you have more time to pick and plan your moves out carefully, and now is a new system, where the battle is coming at you and you need to plan out what your next character should do while selecting what your currrent character should do. It's difficult(Although the game itself is fairly easy) but it makes for a fun and exciting game.

There was so many great and funny characters in this game, like the hero, Cecil, who is a Dark Knight that can no longer deal with his sins, and so pays penance to become a Paladin. Theres Rosa, A White Mage who loves Cecil, even if she can't get through his thick exterior, Rydia, a summoner from the town of Mist, who had to watch his mother and town burn when she was just a little girl, Edge, a Macho Ninja Prince who has a good heart dispite being a little Hard Headed, Kain, a Dragoon whose best friends with Cecil, although he can be brainwashed to the side of evil easily, and Golbez, the Villian of the story, who may be working for a stronger cause. The conversations between the characters are enough to make me laugh and cry. It was the characters that made the game for me.

This game has a beautiful storyline. The Dark Knight Cecil, disgusted by the horrible deeds he has done, goes to pay his penance. Along the way, he gets involved with news that an airship fleet, formerly piloted by Cecil himself, has a new leader, Golbez, who is going to steal all the crystals that rule the earth. Although Cecil and his friends try to stop him, he does, giving him great power. To match his power, Cecil sheds off his Dark Knight skills, and becomes a Paladin. he then learns that, aside from the 4 crystals Golbez has, there are 4 more hidden in the underworld. Knowing this, Cecil and pals blast a hole in the earth, and fly straight down to the center of the earth. Sadly, Golbez gets all of these Crystals too. To somehow try to stop Golbez, Cecil goes to the one place left that can give him the power to defeat Golbez: The Moon. This is a classic story and incredible for its time, which is why I gave it a perfect 10.

The Graphics, atlhough early in the SNES timeline, did truly seem like a huge update from the last game. There were many nice techinical features, such as fully colored battle backgrounds, a wide variety of monsters and characters, plus nicely colored towns and dungeons, the graphics did not seem like they were 16 bit. this isn't that big of an issue, in anyway, as they still look great, but it would not have hurt if the programmers spent a little more time on the look.

The music in this game is truly unrivaled. The symphonies are nicely composed, always pertain to the situation, and are enough to bring a tear to a guys eye. I believe that one theme in this game, "Theme of Love", is actually taught to young japanese children as part of thier music cirrculum. If a song is good enough to teach in school, you KNOW it must be great, and the entire game is filled with songs like that.

Final Fantasy IV(II) is truly one of the best games ever created. With fun, lovable characters, a gripping, thrilling storyline, and beautiful scores, the fourth installment of the Final Fantasy Series is definitely a hit. So if you don't own it, buy it(Although you may wish to buy the recent GBA remake instead)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy II (US, 11/23/91)

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