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"At least it is final in a way..."

Final Fantasy 2, (Japanese version of the fourth game), is a RPG developed by SquareSoft. Final Fantasy 2 is final in a way… What I mean is that it is the last of the “classic” retro series of games, the pretty much have the same gameplay and plot development. So what do we have here? Nothing special, really. FF2 is just a 16-bit version of the NES games, with better graphics and sound, more text available, but also nothing really new or innovative.

Story: 3/10
Presentation: 3/10

If the game was an Action one, then I wouldn't have a problem with its dull plot, but this game ain't no Super Mario, ain't no Double Dragon and it ain't no Contra… it is Final Fantasy, a RPG and not on the NES but on the SNES so I cannot forgive it for being so boring. It starts ok to say the truth, with promises of a deeper plot and a lot of character development, but be sure that there ain't any in this game. Cecil, a Dark Knight and commander of the best, (and only I think), flying ship fleet. His mission is to capture some crystals for his King, but he feels as if his deeds are not exactly honorable… more specifically he just can't understand why he has to attack people that don't even pose a threat. So dares to ask the King why and in a split second he is relieved of his former duty and is know asked to go on a measly take-that-item-there mission. From there on it is a downhill… and a linear too. You're dragged from scene after scene where you meet many characters but they leave the party too soon to care about them, (even when they die), and the things that are going on aren't exactly something spectacular. Like the NES FF games the whole storyline ends up being a simple “Get the crystals and kill the arch-villain”.

Gameplay: 5/10
Replay Value: 3/10

Anyone that has played at least one eastern console RPG won't have a single problem playing FF2. Yes people apart from the “heavy” name, FF2 is just an ordinary RPG. You control a party of heroes, that each has a certain class and you wonder around the world searching for stuff, killing enemies and completing an array of quests. The battles are nothing special and for the most part you just choose the Attack option while you close your eyes and sleep… so challenging! The bosses are a bit better since in order to defeat them you can't just increase your experience, but you must use strategy. Another bad thing is that along your adventure you'll meet certain characters but you cannot change between them and are forced to continue with them until they die or leave you. Also the game is very linear, with a few if none side-quests, not to mention that the main quest is very boring and has a boring plot to go along with it.

Generally FF2 looks like “just another eastern RPG” and nothing more. There is no reason to play it again. There aren't many “secrets and items you can find, the game isn't exactly challenging apart from some insane optional bosses and the plot has no depth and there is no extra character development or something to keep you interested. In my opinion the game is decent as a first SNES Final Fantasy game but will not exactly rock you…

Graphics: 7/10
Design: 6.5/10

The transition from the NES to the SNES wasn't so great as I expected. Quite simply FF2 is just like the NES FF games but with a 16-bit color palette, nothing to die for. Not that it looks bad, it just doesn't look so original or well designed. The world looks good when viewed from high above, with lakes, rivers, forests, etc and so do the battle backgrounds and the level design… although a bit dull… you know, a forest, a cave, a high tech area… too typical if you ask me. Of course the game is the first FF of the SNES and quite an oldie… so I decided to give it a break and leave it at that… it looks ok.

Sound: 6.2/10
Music: 7/10

I didn't find FF2 too be something special when it comes to sound quality. The sound effects are decent, just a little bit better than the effects of an 8-Bit console and of course with a better variety and the music is quite good with some tunes that where quite catchy and fun to listen too and some that are mediocre or utterly boring, like the battle music… in my humble opinion of course.

-Good music

-Very linear
-Boring battles
-Most of the time you can't change party members
-Bad and utterly boring plot

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Overall: 5.1/10

Well that's my opinion about the game. I know some of you regard me as a heretic\blasphemer or something and I don't care, like I don't care that the game has the words “Final” and “Fantasy” in the title, it just isn't good no matter how you look at it. Some people might hate it, some may like it and play it once or twice, but I wonder why there are people that absolutely love it…

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/08/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy II (US, 11/23/91)

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