Review by Asakane_Kotoro

"A classic Final Fantasy game with a sort of a Star Wars twist."

This is one of my most favorite games of all times, and I'll tell you why based on my little scores.

Storyline - 10/10
The whole plot of this game is so unique and very...eventful. It's full of tragedy, love, betrayal, and many little secrets concerning Cecil's mysterious past. His past is as dark as his soul was when he was the dark knight. And you just gotta love the little love triangle between him, Rosa, and his best friend, Caine (Kaine in the Americanized version). What starts out as a normal mission given to the Red Wings quickly soon turns into a quest to protect the crystals of the world.

Cecil redeems himself by becoming a paladin at Mt. Ordeals, and gains many companions.

Graphics - 9/10
Although the graphics aren't exactly the best, they're still worth seeing in. All of the characters have their own unique designs and you can really see what they look like. Their movements are depicted and the battle scenes have the best images yet.

Battle System - 10/10
The battles is a turn-based battle system and all the characters have wonderful skills. They each have their own individual skills and magics. You won't find yourself being swamped with attacks while you're struggling to dish the perfect attack against your enemies for everyone has their turn. You take all the time in the world to carefully select your next attack.

Music - 10/10
The many music that plays throughout the game more than makes up for the somewhat not-so-perfect graphics. The music really draws you in whether you hear the music for intense danger or sad scene. Everything is well composed and the sounds really give you feel of the situation at hand.

Characters - 10/10
All the characters are memorable. Everyone has their own reason for being part of this adventure, and their own little storylines seem to fit into rhe overall plot as well. But not only that, but they all have their own distinct personality which helps the story flow.

Replay Value - 10/10
The replay value is actually really good because, although the game doesn't have a new game+ feature like many others, as you progress the game, you'll find yourself flying through game only to return to it many more to complete more of the sidequests to gain access to Rydia's summons and everyone's best equipment and spells throughout the entire game.

Overall Score - 10/10
I give this game a perfect ten because this game is awesome and I've been playing this game over and over since I was at least six. And although I never really understood the storyline much back then, I just enjoyed all the great challenges that the Elemental Four and other enemies posed. I've spent countless hours replaying this game, and without hardly any help too. So, I hope that you all would give this game a chance and see how charming this game really is. This game isn't like any of the other FF games in the series.

It's highly addictive and if this game keeps being summoned to other game consoles with new features, then it means that both old and new fans need to play this game and cherish every moment of it. 'Cause I know I did.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/13/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy IV Easytype (JP, 10/29/91)

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