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Reviewed: 08/21/01 | Updated: 08/21/01

The Second Best RPG on the Super Nintendo

Final Fantasy II is one of the greatest games ever. It might not be a new game, but that doesn't mean it is one of the top RPG's ever to be released. Almost everything about this game is perfect, and for a game made in 1991, that is very good! Don't let the age of the game fool you, this game will blow you right away! Listen below is my scoring:


It was originally going to be put on the NES, but Squaresoft changed their mind, and put it on the new system, the Super Nintendo. The graphics if released on the NES would have been very good, but since a lot of the game was done by the time they made the switch, not much improvements were made, and the graphics stayed the same. They're not that bad, but defiantly not worth praising.


The sound is so good! It is really some of the best music is a game. Square really should have made a soundtrack to this game. A lot of the music is repeated in a lot of the levels, but it is good music of course so there is nothing wrong. Almost all of the music is catchy, and very loveable. You are sure to like this music no matter who you are. Enjoy this! The only thing kind of annoying about the game is the ''chop chop'' of Cecil's sword.


It is the Final Fantasy type battle system that is in every type of that kind of game. You have a fight command, sometimes a special command for a certain character, and usually magic, and items to use. Monsters will randomly attack you in open fields, and dungeons so watch out. The object of this game is to find weapons, armor, and items that will empower you in the game to advance. Talk to everyone, and do as much stuff as you can. You will have fun with this for sure.


Cecil is the captain of Baron's Red Wings. After stealing a crystal from the innocent people of Mysidia, Cecil knows that he cannot do this for the King anymore. After he questions the King about it he gets mad, and releases Cecil of his position. He gives Cecil a package and gives him a task. Cecil and his friend Kain are about to embark on an epic journey.


This game is very easy because the Japanese gave us the easy version of this game. The hard version is out in Japan. It is a RPG that beginners can easily tackle with ease, and it is fun for the new RPG's to get the hang of the system. But, it is fun for everybody of all ages and it not being hard is nothing bad at all.


This game will bring you back for 2 or 3 tries after you beat it. It is a lot of fun, and is sure to bring your power bill way up! I have played the game 3 times in a month before. There is something in the game that will keep bringing you back and back for more. Bad thing is after this game gets old, and boring, it stays that way for a while. One day you will want to play it again though.


For those that don't have a Playstation/Playstation2 then get this game for about $50 and don't delay. This game is very, very rare for Super Nintendo, and can't be found just anywhere. You need to search through to find this game. No rent for this game, BUY IT!!


I think this game is the second best RPG, only to the Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo. It has great, sound, gameplay, story and also value. You must buy this game because you will be proud of yourself when you think to yourself, I own one of the greatest game ever made.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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