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"Made Classic by Respect, not Substance"

Don't get in an uproar about my title now. Let me explain. Yes, I believe Final Fantasy II is a classic, but not because it is the greatest game, but because it is gained the moniker "classic" through the continuing efforts ofthe following Final Fantasies. FF2 is a good game, and it did open up doorsfor other RPG makers, but I believe either 5 or 6 really defined the series asthe greatest RPG franchise. Then FF7 really took it to a new level.

Final Fantasy II is another basic game story with the point being to save theworld. You are Cecil and your friend Kain joins you. Events happen then Kaindeserts you. You meet other playable characters and start the quest to becomea Paladin (you start as a dark knight). Each character has a special abilityKain can jump, Rydia uses black magic and summon, etc. The party is five characters which is nice, but some enemies can be extremely tough. You get an airship (standard stuff) and explore around.

As usual the music is very good and the graphics are decent for 1992 thoughit could be better. The music is not as dynamic like in FF3 or 7, but very goodfor the time. The many playable characters add charm to the game, but I like astandard base of character which you eventually get. There is not much characterdevelopment, but hey RPGs are not that big in US at the time.

The game really doesn't offer anything new, but because it continues the FFline, it became a classic. The story isn't spectacular, but I've said it beforewhat more can you do with "time to save the world." I say the game is good, butnot very challenging until the last dungeon and boss. Buy this if you seek thegood old days of plain menu RPG. It is good, but not a true classic for me. Ihope I didn't offend any people who believe this the best of the series.

Graphics 8
Music 10
Story 8
Replay Value 7
Old Fashioned RPG Play 10
Difficulty 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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