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"Airships and Dark Knights? Truly a Final Fantasy"

Final Fantasy II is the debut of the series on the Super Nintendo console and the sequel to Final Fantasy on the NES. Final Fantasy II was Created and Published by Square in 1990. To most Final Fantasy II was the jump start that started the series in its highly successful direction that it is at today. The game has a great story, simple battle system, and great character development that are a stable in Rpgs today. Now let’s get on to the breakdown of Final Fantasy II!

Gameplay (10/10):
Final Fantasy II has a very user friendly lay out for controls and the Battle System that most players can get used to after about half an hour of game play. The battle system is just as simple to use as well which most players can get use too after a couple battles to start the game. An interesting feature in Final Fantasy II is that certain characters have individual skills that other characters don’t possess such as the skill “Aim” to use against the enemy or “Summoning” enchanted monsters to help during battles, these skills weren’t present in the First Final Fantasy and add another option to experiment with during battle. The game overall is about moderate not to easy to play but simple enough to pick up and enjoy over the many hours of game play Final Fantasy provides.

Story (9/10):
Cecil the Dark Knight, Captain of the Elite Baron’s Air Force group “The Red Wings,” as well as part of the most power nation in the world the Kingdom of Baron has been ordered by the King of Baron to retrieve the water crystal from the town of Mysidia. The king has also given orders to destroy anyone that stands in the way of Cecil and his crew in accomplishing the mission. Cecil obeys the kings wishes and carries out the mission successfully but not without his own thoughts about why the king is ordering this mission to retrieve the water crystal and harm innocent people in the process. Cecil eventually returns to Baron and hands over the crystal to his liege upon being asked to leave Cecil questions the king about the reasoning of retrieving the water crystal and what the plans to do with it as well as attacking innocent people that have no quarrel with Baron. The King upon hearing this is enraged and questions Cecil’s loyalty to the crown, Kain, Cecil’s best friend and leader of the Dragoons of Baron over hears the conversation and enters the throne room and tries to cover for Cecil by assuring the king that he meant nothing by his remarks. The king would have none of this conversation and strips Cecil of his commanding rights to the Red Wings and is ordered to carry out a special mission with Kain to deliver a package to the Village of Mist. Upon hearing this the two decide to move out in the morning and accomplish there mission. This is just a taste of the beginning of the game although the beginning seems a little dull the story continues to get better with increased play and process of the game which has it’s twist and turns that may or not be expected.

Graphics (9/10):
The graphics for Final Fantasy II really stand out and come out rather smooth for 1990 when the game was released. From the towns of Mysidia, to each individual dungeon, the graphics come out as something that catches your eyes and doesn’t seem to bland, overdone, or to say overlooked as well. To say Square did a good job visually for Final Fantasy II would be an understatement because the graphics speak for themselves as well as for the Super Nintendo capabilities at the time.

Sound (10/10):
Square never disappoints when it comes to sound and background music. First off the magic sounds may sound a little corny when first cast but come off very authentic such as Ice 2 being cast and you get the nice crackle of ice being created to destroy your enemies. The weapons sounds are a little suspect but they do get the job done you’ll probably be too busy admiring the background music most likely to be paying attention to weapons sounds. As for the background Music Square has never disappointed when it comes to this category and Final Fantasy II Soundtrack music is a perfect example of this, for example Baron Castles theme is enough to get caught in your head!! Not to mention the boss fight theme music are very catchy and stand out immediately when you know your taking on a boss that can possibly serve a threat to you and your party.

Playtime/Re-playability (8/10):
Final Fantasy II will take the average player between 20-30 hours to complete through the first time through. Depending on how you play the game, game time can increase up to an unlimited amount of time because of leveling up and collecting items in Final Fantasy II and collecting everything in the game will take more than the average amount of time to complete every little thing. Re-playability is kind of moderate for any Role Playing Game now a days most likely the game will go on your shelve to collect some dust after completing for awhile until you stumble upon it again and pop it back again into the system and remember how great this game is and start to play it all over again.

Final Recommendation:
Final Fantasy II should be a stable in any Rpg gamer’s library of games. So most definitely this is a buyer if you’re a fan of this genre of game. Final Fantasy II is definitely a game that has garnered more respect for its stability to continue to be so great in today’s gaming world.

Final Overall Rating:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/24/03

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