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"Not for PS2, but still the best"

Introduction - This was the first Final Fantasy I ever played, along with the first RPG. It was the one that got me started and hooked on all RPGs today. It is my favorite game of all time and not just because it was the first Final Fantasy I ever played, but because of all the classic epic characteristics of the game. If it weren't for this game, then other greats would never have been. For instance: Final Fantasy III,VII,and even some other games outside of the series. If you have ever played those games then this one should definitely interest you. It's got everything a great game needs. But don't take my word for it just read.

Gameplay - 10/10 Definitely one of the strongest parts of the game. The battling is great, and the magic system is cliche but easy and fair. Each character has special abilities and none are useless. The towns, and world map are colorful, pretty, and quiet. The mere plot of the game can get you emotional and angry, play for 20 minutes you'll find out. There are no load times, no freezing, and no waiting. It's classic console gameplay and our in control. I only ask you to please give it a chance.

Story - 9.8/10 This game pulls you in and doesn't let go. You start off as a Commander of a powerful nations fleet of airships, made to do a mission you question your orders and you are ordered to send a package to the nearby village of Mist. This sends you into 3 different terrains, even The Moon. You meet many creatures from Dwarves, to Midgets,Frogs,to Pigs,Wizards,to Mages, and everything in between. This to date is my favorite storyline, its not made by graphics or cut-scenes it just has an epic feeling that makes you feel like a character. The lands and locations really seem mystic and you can almost picture them as real. The dark caves and light over-world can seem huge but once explored they are easy to memorize.

Music - 10/10 Definitely not the most important part of the game, but it is this games strongest point. Themes like Rydia's,Cecil's, Baron's, and The Giant's are among my favorite game songs. These really help with the epic feel of the game, and can help draw you into the mystic and mysterious world your in. Great for its time, I can only think of a few soundtracks off the top of my head that can compare.

Play Time/Replayability - 6/10 The games weakest point sadly. If this game was about 5 hours longer the game would definitely be that much greater unbelievably the game is under 24 hours and can be shorter. Replay value is not the greatest but with about ten side quests and the great story coupled with some of the most memorable characters ever it can be played and enjoyed forever.

Explorability - 10/10 The game has 3 different locations, over world,underworld,and The Moon. There are many vehicles from the classic airship and Chocobo to a hovercraft and boat. The only problem with the map is simply there is no world map! Explore on your own and memorize it's not hard, don't be lazy!

Characters - 10/10 Who has played the Final Fantasy series? Who hasn't heard of Kain,Edge,Rydia,Rosa,or Cecil? Definitely some of the best characters ever personality-wise. The characters all have their own story and part in the game. There is no lack of characters although it can be argued the inability to choose characters is a hindrance.

Villains - 7/10 I remember way back when Golbez scared me. His dark music and his black suit can really be intimidating and when you have to fight him you want to go for the kill. Although not the best villain he is a classic. Bosses like Calbrena, the Mist Dragon, and the 4 fiends really can give you a challenge. Simple enemies like Behemoths and maybe the Imps (;) can give you a scare but you'll prevail, right?

Control - 9.5/10 Basic controls up,down,left,right,A,B,Y,X. You know how to fight and you know how to win. The problem is using you brain and knowing what items and spells to use against who. This game is not purely strategy but some bosses may need to be taken down so plan ahead.

Graphics - 10/10 May I remind you that this is back in 91'. Back when SNES was barely heard of and N64 and PS1 were not even thought of. This is before Mario RPG,or Donkey Kong. So cut it some slack and leave it alone!.

Final Recommendation - BUY! Like I said the greatest game of all time, and the most memorable and definitely the most underrated. Can feel short at times, but the rest of the games strong points make up for it. It can no longer be rented, and it doesn't need to be. Go for the buy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/01/04

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