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"One of the best on the SNES!!!"

I personally love this game mainly because this was the game that introduced me to RPGs and I'll always like FF2.
FF2 was made in 1992 and is even better than some RPG's of today.Final Fantasy 2 provides you a wonderful storyline and fun gameplay.

STORY:(10/10)You are a knight named Cecil and you take a crystal from poor people.The king and others are mesmerized by this crystal and you feel bad about taking the crystal by force.He then retires as a knight for the kingdom and then goes up against it after the next mission.Along with you is your best friend,Kane,and he is also disgusted by the kings ways.You then get seperated and from there on continues your journey.You'll discover a lot about the kingdom and other kingdoms that are the same as your kingdom.Your journey continues until you find the truth behind everything.A very good storyline for an old game.

GAMEPLAY:(10/10)The gameplay is as any RPG is.You follow the storyline,fight,gain experience,etc.You can have up to four people in your party.There are a lot of characters in the game,but you sometimes lose them and then gain them back.Kind of weird.There are a lot of dungeons and the game takes a while to beat.If you're a crazy RPG lover you can beat this in two days,but if your like me and play a little bit then FF2 could take about 3-4 weeks.

CONTROLS:(10/10)These controls are the same as every other Final Fantasy(except 8)so if you have played many Final Fantasy games then these controls should be a sinch.Even though you can't run it is still fun,but can take a while to get to the next walkway.

GRAPHICS:(8/10)At the time FF2 was made,these were some good graphics.Though a lot of the backgrounds look unfinished and quite frankly,most of them look ugly.As I said ''At the time FF2 was made'' so the graphics are nice.

MUSIC/SOUND:(10/10)The battle theme probably is the worst in the series,but the boss battle theme is one of the best.
FF2 provides a lot of nice music so in the dungeons you might find yourself humming its theme.The sounds weren't really noticeable,but you could hear it well when someone was hit.

OVERALL:(10/10)Not just because it's my favorite on the SNES,but because it is a really good game and is a must play.If your friend has it demand to borrow it and if he doesn't I'm sure you can find it somewhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/14/00, Updated 03/14/00

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