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Reviewed: 04/07/00 | Updated: 04/07/00

My personal favorite Final Fantasy (though it isn't the best)

So, how can I rate my Favorite Final Fantasy a mere 7? By being realistic. I know that there are better made FF's out there (7 and 8 in particular, and 6 in parts), but for me, my favorite is FFIVj (2 US, hereafter just FF2). What this means is that I am able to separate enjoying a game on a personal level, and knowing the quality of the game on an objective level.

The game drops you quickly into the middle of a war, as Cecil, the Dark Knight of Baron, is robbing the world of its Crystals. We join our Dark Hero as he raids the mystical village of Mysidia. He kills some mages (though in the usual fashion they just ''vanish''), and steals their Crystal. But Cecil has second thoughts about this, he isn't some petty thief after all, he's the Captain of the Red Wings (although the vessels that they fly, the airships, are neither red, nor do they have wings). Cecil complains to the king, who decides to test Cecil's loyalty. He gives Cecil a package, secretly carrying a bomb, to deliver to a nearby village, that the King wants destroyed. After seeing such evil deeds by the King, Cecil decides to rebel, and leaves the king's service looking for a way to defeat him and restore the kingdom to a more righteous rule. I won't reveal anything beyond that.

The plot is simple, yet elegant, as it weaves around Cecil in a story that involves the entire world, and its moon. The final villain does just come out of the woodwork (as it were), which takes something away from the game, and the ending is too much like an Epilogue rather than a pure ending. There just isn't that much of a surprise in the plot. Furthermore much of the game's execution is weaker than it should be (FF6j did this better, at least in the first half), as you don't really care about any character other than Cecil. None of the other characters are ever developed, especially Rosa a character you have almost from the beginning. Square also cheated a little by not having taking away some Final Deaths. Although some characters do die,most seem to have miraculous recoveries. ''Oh, it takes more than a fiery explosion to kill me!''

Oh well.

The graphics are a meager step up from the NES FF's, as the characters are still tiny little blots on the screen. There are some neat effects going on, such as in the Tower of Zot (or the Tower of Babil) where a lot of the level is glowing in some fashion. The battle graphics are just as stiff as the old NES FF's as well, monsters never move, and your characters don't actually get close enough to hit when they attack.

FF2 has the best music in any FF game, I don't mean overall, because FF3 (FF 6j) had better overall music, but I liked individual songs in FF2 more, especially Calbrena, the Tower of Zot, and the Tower of Babil.

So, FF2 manages to be my favorite FF game, but I know that it isn't the best made of them all. I always found the ending distasteful as it seems to go out of its way to show things that didn't need showing. But if I could only own one FF, it would be this one.

This game rated a 7 because of a too simple story, not many twists, poor gameplay and graphics, great sound, and it's just a very fun game. If that makes any sense!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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