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"The Fourth Installment Does Not Disappoint"

Personal Introduction

Hey, i'm Typhon. I've been gaming since I was like 1 year old, so thats a LOT of gaming. Personally, like "TV Killed the Radio Star", I personally believe 3-D killed the video game. My favorite games are on the Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. Not to say that the neo-gaming age is bad. However they truly do not make games like they used to. Now, graphics are essential. Now, mini games are a huge plus. However back in what I would call the golden age of gaming, we played games for the heart of them. Well, now I am reviewing the Fourth installment in the Final Fantasy series. In America, it is called Final Fantasy II, but it is the fourth installment. This is the second best final fantasy in my view, the best being the original. Sorry, cant top the game that started it all. An unfortunate truth.

Originality - 10/10

While elements of earlier RPGs are present in Final Fantasy II/IV, this is to be expected. It also has various original concepts that scores it first place points for originality. The stuff seems overly played out now, but remember, back in the time it was made, it was very, very original. The concepts of the games of today stemmed from classics like this, that revolutionized the gaming world and brought a new gaming experience.

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics from the NES gone, Final Fantasy II/IV had the best graphics of its time. Everything is revamped and far more beautiful than it was on the NES, but this game would be just as good without the graphics jump. Graphics just plain don't mean much to me. While a lot of people wouldn't like it because of the lack of graphics, frankly, those people are hard to please anyway and don't really matter in the long run. You need to remember that this is an old game. If you don't want a game with old graphics, you shouldn't consider playing an old game. Enough about that rant, though.

Story - 10/10

An EXCELLENT story. Simply excellent. Original, amazing, with a great cast of characters. You can actually feel the emotion coming through the text more than once. Also, there is a major plot twist later in the game which only enhances the story (I love plot twists.) Once again, it may seem played out, but remember, these original games were where the "played out" stories CAME from.

Game play - 10/10

The game play is great. The random battle crusade continues. While it is still annoying, I was used to it by now, having played the original about 20 times. No longer does attacking and an enemy dying make you hit air. No, the AI actually has brain now and will aim for a different enemy. A step up.

Audio - 10/10

Final Fantasy continues its reign of best music in video games. Once again, looking at this from being introduced to later games, you need to experience the games of the era to see just how great Final Fantasy II/IVs music truly is compared to what was out there. Comparing it to games of today truly isn't fair. You either need to take the games of today and put them back in the era of the earlier games or see what it would be like if the old games were made now to make a fair comparison, and the old games would win in a landslide. I don't think there is anything else needed to be said.

Re-Playability - 10/10

While there is no actual reason to replay this game as far as more characters to use or story line changes, somehow I cannot stop re playing this game. I just love it way too much. While this isn't true for everyone, I know quite a few who have this problem. Sometimes you cannot let go of an excellent game. If any Final Fantasy deserves to be replayed, this is it.

Difficulty - Moderate

At the time, this game was hard. Now, its just moderate, but its still challenging at times. You have to remember, this game was made for people a lot younger than you are right now. Yes you. The person reading my review. I was 7 when I played this for the first time. It was extremely hard. Try thinking of it from that point of reference.

Overall - 10/10

The fourth installment of the Final Fantasy series doesn't disappoint. It is an excellent game with a killer story line, excellent graphics for the times, plenty of original concepts, great battles, awesome music, and is worth quite a few replays. This game is worth a try. If you aren't willing to muck around E-bay for it, which is probably the only way you're going to find it, you could simply get the Game boy Advance version. You miss out on the original experience, as quite a few things change, but the game is basically the same, you just have more characters to play and another challenge to take on when you beat it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/06/06

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