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A fun game, awesome music, poor quality graphics and replay.11/01/99AlphabetMan
RPG Kindergarten is in session!04/23/01AndrewP2003
Not the best, but deserving of Final Fantasy11/01/99BHeilman
If I Was A Hobo, This Would Be The First Game I'd Use For My Famous 'Hobo Stew' Recipe08/07/01Bobo The Clown
Good for beginners, but experts should stay away02/22/01BrakZero
Not the best final fantasy... but the best mystic quest!04/17/17Canedanko
An RPG which is fun only for beginners01/22/00CChan
A Whimsical Adventure...11/08/10Czardia
A really friendly RPG for newbies.05/20/02DarkDay
A game that may appeal to beginners but holds little appeal for the experianced12/04/08DarkSamuri
Why all the badmouthin'!?05/10/01DfPtwix
My first review, and the game is bad.05/20/02Doodleheimer
Or, "How to get on my good side despite the flaws..."03/22/00EPoetker
Final Fantasy IV But WAY Easier.11/01/99Fierydevil
This game is OK for a beginner05/21/00GregP
I'm writing this all from memory, so bear with me.03/15/06InsaneCeltic
Finally, hard evidence that Square doesn't think Highly of us05/18/02Jeulnelune7
Final Fantasy meets Zelda meets Early Learning Centre.10/02/01Lagunathemoron
A beginner's RPG, but a fun one at that!07/16/01Larcen Tyler
Pure Magic01/05/06light_angel411
Finally a game for RPG rookies07/19/00Nivla
Too many people misunderstood this game, It's time to tell you the truth!11/01/99RPG Monarch
The BEST for a beginner RPG05/26/01Vegetaman
An excellent game, and one I'd recommend starting with if you're an RPG newby.03/01/03Walker Boh Ohmsford

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Is Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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