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"Final Fantasy: Junior Edition"

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an RPG developed and released by Square Soft the creator of the legendary Final Fantasy series. This game is similar to Final Fantasy 4 but it mostly serves as a beginner's RPG.

Story: 0/10

Yes, this game was meant to be simple in order to be played by inexperienced and new RPG players, but that doesn't mean that the story should be simple too, but unfortunately it is from the beginning to the end. Our hero turns out to be the chosen one from the very start of the game and that without any real explanation at all, you just happen to kill a monster and then an old man says, “you must be the chosen one!”. Secondly the game is just a pile of RPG cliches. Save the girl, find that item, kill that monster, destroy the evil lord, save the world. Besides being simple the story is also executed in a very bad way. Your main aid is an old man who appears and reappears in a very bizarre way. He is like, “find that item in the temple, bye now!” and then WHOOSH he goes away leaving the hero quite troubled. The characters that join you in your quest follow the same behavior pattern. You meet them and then they say something like, “hello I will join you! Now lets go to that town” and they leave you in the same way. Overall the bad thing about the game's story isn't its simplicity but the way it is presented to you.

Graphics: 6/10

Nice and simple. The World map, the levels and the enemies are quite colorful. Each area feels unique and not a replica of a previous one with just different colors. Don't expect extraordinary special effects, just the usual static semitransparent layers, some moving tiles like moving sand or water and that's it. All animations like, attacks, character movement and spells look quite simple too. Enemies are 8 times larger than your character thus they are more detailed and more appealing to the eye and after taking some hits the damage becomes visible on their bodies.

Sound: 5/10

Average sound effects and good music themes accompany you in Mystic Quest. Sound effects are quite simple without being annoying. Nothing to great about them, a quake sounds like a quake, a bomb sounds like a bomb etc. My favorite sound is probably the death sound of enemies, which actually sounds like farting!!! Music is above the simplicity of the game's sound effects. Most music themes are just good enough in order to make your game experience more pleasant, but there are sometimes quite good and fitting with each area or specific event. Although music and sound effects aren't annoying they are quite boring due to lack of variety.

Gameplay: 2/10

Well being a beginner's RPG it is obvious that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest isn't supposed to be difficult at all, but it turns out that it is so easy that you wouldn't even bother giving it a try. Most enemies die after 1 or 2 hits and that without doing any extra leveling up. Bosses are just simple enemies with more hit points and your character always has more than enough power to take care of them. Also forget about random encounters, your enemies are waiting for you in fixed places and only by moving towards them will you engage battle with them. The battle is the usual turn based Final Fantasy style, (not semi real time but pure turn based), but don't expect to use special strategies to defeat your foes. You most probably go berserk and use the normal attack option in 99% of the game. The only way your character might die is by you forgetting to heal him because of the extreme easiness of the game and that will probably happen only in boss fights.

You can only have one companion with you who is just another character without anything special feature. Yes, they are supposed to be different class characters like, bow using mages, pure fighters and so on but they turn out to be the same character with a different appearance. One thing about them that makes the game even more easy is the fact that you can put them in auto pilot allowing you to manually use your character only.

There are few weapons, items and spells in the game. Weapons are divided between the ones that damage only one enemy and the ones that damage the whole enemy party, also some items, like bows have a limited amount of ammunition. Items are your usual cure and heal potions. Spells, like weaponry and items are very simple too. There are the usual cure and life spells, elemental damage spells and if I remember correctly some poison, confusion and blind spells and that's all. Also I can't remember of a single shop in the game apart from some merchants who sell you a certain kind of items.

Something quite interesting is that while not fighting the game feels more like the Legend Of Zelda adding an adventure feel to the game. You can solve some, (extremely easy), puzzles, destroy obstacles, open doors on use teleports with specific items, jump, climb and things like that.

Overall this game is very easy but even with the excuse of being a game for inexperienced RPG players the extreme simplicity of the game can't be afforded. My first RPGs where Final Fantasy 7 and the Legend Of Zelda and I didn't have any problem playing them at all, (especially Zelda can't be considered as an easy game). Also it never becomes more difficult after some time. The challenge remains the same even in the final level with a final boss that is a total disgrace. Apart from being very easy, this game is also very small. You can defeat all enemies, find all items and defeat the final boss in about 12 hours, (15 hours max).

-Easy, (positive only if you are 8 years old)
-Nice and simple graphics and music

-Extremely easy, (even for new RPG players)
-Repetitive, linear and with a terribly simple and bad executed story
-Few items, spells, weapons with little difference between them

Overall: 3/10

No offence but this game is just too easy even for beginners. The whole game feels like a big tutorial and should probably be made for an older system like NES. Lets face it, the RPG genre isn't a difficult one and it surely needs no introductory-training games like this one. If you want something easy and non-complex try any Final Fantasy game from 3 to 7. You'll be glad you've left this one behind…

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/25/07

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