Review by DarkSamuri

Reviewed: 12/04/08

A game that may appeal to beginners but holds little appeal for the experianced

Graphics: 7/10
Graphics are on par with most RPGs of the time. However many spell and item effects are simply palate swaps of each other.

Sound: 6/10
The music here is good and works reasonably well in all situations. The sounds however, like the spell and item animations, the sounds are often reused

Gameplay: 4/10
The gameplay elements found in other RPGs have been stripped down to the bare essentials. You cannot freely explore the map. Spells and equipments are limited too around a dozen different items.

The limited spell list causes you not to have the utilitarian spells found in other RPGs such as scan. This is offset by the fact enemies announce their weakness when struck by them and with only four elements, five in the case of zombies and other similar creatures, finding that weakness is fairly easy as well as the fact they will begin to show how much damage they've taken though only in generalities. Consumable items are also limited in type.

Gold is plentiful but not so plentiful are things to spend it on because the only things you have to buy are consumables such as potions.

During the course of the game a number of characters will join you in your quest. These characters may be controlled manually or be left to function on AI. For some characters exerting manual control is a good idea as they burn through consumables quickly.

Story: 4/10
The story of this game is a simple one. The elemental crystals that maintain the balance of the world are being drained of their power and have thrown the world into chaos. To further complicate matters the keys to the Focus Tower that allows access to the sections of the world have been stolen preventing anyone from traveling to another part of the world. That is where you come in. A prophecy dictates that when this happens a hero will rise to save the world.

The characters that join you contribute little to the story and the bulk of their dialogue can be ignored

Difficulty: 3/10
Since this was designed as a beginner level RPG the difficulty remains low. There are no random encounters. You are always equipped with the best weapons and armor you possess.

Replay: 2/10
No unlockables and easily memorized puzzle solutions prevent this game from having any real replay value.

If you're a complete RPG newbie this might be a way to get into the genre. The more experienced may want to give this quest a pass.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (US, 10/05/92)

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