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"My first review, and the game is bad."

Game play-

This particular game was specifically meant for beginner role playing gamers. I think this game would just repel them away from role playing games. Square really messed up. I got this game because it was a Final Fantasy game. It is not a very good one. The battle system is very simple. You have a limited number of times you can cast a spell. Character personality is horrible. With the exception of Tristam, they are exactly the same. You can jump, which is different from every other Final Fantasy game. Also, you can save anytime, which is odd because you probably will not need to. You can beat this game in five hours. And you can not die in this game. When you lose a battle, it asks you to start the battle over. And the battles in this game are not random. Except the beginning of the Ice Pyramid and Volcano, and you need specific items to see the enemies. And you can only have two people in a party at a time. And there was a demo at the beginning of the game. A demo, this is a Role Playing Game. Why is there a demo at the beginning? The story is exactly the same as any children's tale. World in chaos, boy is hero, finds friends along the way, saves world. Definitely not Square or Final Fantasy quality.


The Final Fantasy Legend (SaGa in Japan) games on the Game Boy had better graphics, except in color. I would have preferred those games. Except for the enemies, they were kind of detailed. Way below the Super Nintendo's graphics. The levels were kind of neat, but bad. The characters looked the same, except with minor differences. They could have used many more shades of color. The battle scenes are pretty bad. The enemies are big, but the characters are small. They could’ve used the traditional Final Fantasy battle scene, not the old Dragon Warrior scene.


The high point of the game. For the most part, the music was pretty nice. Final Fantasy quality music. The levels music, the battle music, and other music were nice. My favorite track was the Doom Castle track. The sound effects were bad, though. They were so annoying. Some of the attack sound effects do not even make sense. The sword sound effect was really annoying. But the soundtrack was one of the best ever.


Nothing to do after you beat the game. But that should not make a difference. After playing and beating this particular game, you will not want to play this game again. Trust me; you will not want to play this game again. Unless you enjoy wasting time, then you’ll like this game.



This game is the worst Square game ever. Worse than Secret of Evermore. This game was made for beginner Role Players. This game should have been made for little 4 and 5 year olds. It is so easy. It has no difference from any average Role Player. It is just a time waster.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/17/00, Updated 05/20/02

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