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"Forget EVERYTHING negative about this game! you're in for a treat!"

All right people, let me start off by saying that this is one of my favorite games. And I have played and beaten this game countless times. And it never gets old for me. But, that said If I said that EVERYONE would love this game, I would be lying. Besides that even if you're new to RPGs.. This game might not be for you. It is true that this game is very simple and straightforward. But that is what I love so much about it! Instead of playing a very complicated RPG or not even that complicated but a RPG like Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy VI that came out some odd years later. If you don't want to play those kinds of Long and immerse games, why not just play a simple game that you will love and be swept away by it's calm and beautiful music. Don't be fooled, it does get somewhat upbeat and even hard rock at times if you will. Nonetheless I have honestly fell asleep listening to the town music. That isn't a bad thing. It isn't so boring that I fell asleep. It was just relaxing and “Easy Listening” I suppose you could say. But enough of me blabbering about that. Let's get on with the specifics!

Game play. 10/10
This game like I said before, is simple, but fun and laid back. It isn't an action game so your not on your toes why playing it. You just sit back, kick your legs up. And enjoy the ride. The controls are decent. Almost perfect. You click “up” on the D-Pad, and you're character (Benjamin) moves up. And along with each other D-Pad movement he moves that direction. Being a 2-d game he cannot move north-east, north-west, etc. but he can move up, down, left, right. And the start button, like most RPGs and other games brings up your menu. From here you can use spells in the spells menu, your items. But this is not a game where you can select what sword you want to use. And armor. But in this one, as you progress in the story line you get better swords, claws, axes, and bombs. You can toggle which type of weapon you would like to use. But at the beginning of the game you have the mithril sword I believe. Then as you progress in storyline you get the excaliber I am pretty sure. Now you still have the mithril sword in your inventory. Yet you cannot use it again. You must use the stronger, but clearly better weapon. So your not really missing out on anything. And you get the axe… and then you get a better axe. And so on. Next the battle system. It is turn-based. (My personal favorite.) this means that your character(s) will go and then the enemy, or vise-versa. And you can use spells that you find. Like you find the Cure spell toward the beginning of the game. And it heals your health. Then you acquire the fire spell. Which if you remember from many other games. Is a damage spell. And Final Fantasy Mystic Quest uses somewhat of a elemental attribute system. If you use the fire spell on a snowman person he will take more damage then other enemies. And if you use an axe weapon on a tree person it will take more damage that some other enemies. So if you think about it.. It kind of makes sense. You also get some companions along your adventure. But you don't get them all at once. These companions come and go throughout the game. And you only get one at a time. This might sound kind of lame. But it just adds the wonderful simplicity and awesomeness to the game. And the characters you get.. While not in-depth characters.. They are funny and they have their moments. They have two modes. “Active” where they act in battle on their own, and “Manual” where you control their actions in battle. Every character that joins your party comes with the spell “Revive” where they can obviously revive the main character in battle. If your character dies in battle and is not revived, he will not receive experience but will have 1 hp after the battle. I am a fan of level grinding. And I level grind a ton in every game I play. This game is no exception. For example, if you play the game normally, you will end of beating it at around level 28-34. And in around 8-12 hours. But for someone like me who likes to level grind, I beat the game at around level 43-54. And I beat it in around 18-26 hours. This game's towns are quite small but interesting. You can talk to everyone to find what you need to do in the story. Though it's quite straightforward. Trust me, you won't ever get lost in this game. Unless you don't play for around 6-20 months. But even then you just go to a town and talk to everyone and they will at least hint where you need to go. All around the game play is smooth and easy to pick up.

Storyline 9/10
The storyline is somewhat cliché you could say. Especially for a Final Fantasy game. “Save the four crystals that make up the world!” that is basically the whole storyline in a nutshell. But I like it anyways. You start off as a young strapping kind of spikey, brown haired hero with blue armor. He is a decent fighter and his town has been sucked down into the earth. He narrowly escapes getting out of his town as he runs up a mountain. A strange man floating on a cloud appears and tells the hero to follow him. The young main character named Benjamin follows the strange man up the mountain that is falling into the earth. He tells Benjamin that the crystals are in danger and he needs to save them and save the world. Then a monster appears and the main character defeats him. And then the strange man really realizes that Benjamin is the true hero. And then you go through some dungeons and fight monsters and meet awesome characters. Pretty simple yet fun and laid back. Not very complicated or immerse. Yet you can't not like it. You have to finish the game. It is something that you want. It is great.

Music 10/10
The music is GREAT!!! There is not ONE track I don't like. If I had the music from this game on a CD I would never stop listening to it. None of it is bland or boring. It is all vibrant you could say. The “lazy” area (lazy in a laid back way.. Not like “not good” lazy) music sounds like a lazy day. The upbeat town's music sounds upbeat and gets you pumped. And the world map music is nice and easy to listen to. The battle theme is awesome and sounds like a great battle theme. And the boss theme is great also. The music for me is definitely one of the strongest points of this game. The sound effects are pretty cool too. The main point is that most of the songs are easy listening. Which means that you can just easily listen to them without even noticing they are there. But they are great. And for me.. Good music in a game is crucial. If a game doesn't have good music or even tolerable music I won't even touch It. It could be the best game in the world, but if it doesn't have decent music. I won't even try it out. But besides all of that. If you have heard anything bad about the music, FORGET IT! The music is unforgettable, in a good way!

Buy? Rom? Or not even touch?
If you own a SNES and have a store that sells those around you then BUY! BUY! BUY!!! Or if you don't have that then totally get a rom because you will love this game. And everyone should play this wonderful classic!

Difficulty/replay ability 2/10 / 6/10
Now for difficulty, this game is SIMPLE so it doesn't have much. I suppose if you didn't know how the game worked it could be kind of hard. And the replay ability is above average. Just because this game is SO GREAT!

-Great gameplay
-Simple game
-cool characters
-laid backness
-just all around great game.

-almost nothing!
-not for everyone
-only have two characters at a time. (including your main character..)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/07/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (US, 10/05/92)

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