Review by DfPtwix

"Why all the badmouthin'!?"

Gameplay 10/10
First off, this gameplay can easily match that of Final Fantasy IV(II) in any way possible. The only thing different is the World Map Overview Movement(I will be referring to this as WMOM). The battle sequences are similar to Final Fantasy IV(II) except for the fact that the battle only takes two people with a max of three enemies. I think that, if this had had more time to develop, it would be ranked among the best of the series matching as at least number two on my Final Fantasy scale. Overall, the gameplay isn't too different from Final Fantasy IV(II) and it shouldn't be criticized too harshly. After all, this is mainly for beginners.

Storyline 9/10
The storyline sort of confused me at some parts. That is why I gave it a 9. Most of it was easy enough to understand, but there are parts that I think they may have just lost in translation(that's just a figure of speech since MQ came out US before JP). The storyline may be great for beginners, but veterans should also enjoy it. Besides, who can consider themselves a veteran or true fan if they haven't liked all the games.

Replay 6/10
Even thought there isn't much in this game, I think that it is too fun to just let sit around the whole day. Play it again. Maybe you'll do something different. There aren't many secrets, but sure enough, this is something that you will wanna play again and again.

Value 10/10
This may not be good, but, for any true fan of the series, this is a must. It isn't just great in its own way, but it has a great retail price. This price never exceeded $39+ like most of the other games did. Hell(I can say that right?), I got mine for only $9(not including tax). For anyone who wants a cheap good game, this is it.

Video Graphics 10/10
I liked the video animation on this. The fluidity of the characters is just amazing. I'm surprised that an early Square made this! It just amazes me to see that a company that was only about five years old could make this. I didn't think that it was possible for a five year old company do such a great deed without the technology and skills it has now. The animation seemed almost Human for the hero. It outmatched the character fluidity of Final Fantasy IV(II). I really don't belive that Square did this alone(maybe it's a conspiracy and they really did get help from Nintendo). There is something totally wrong with the fact that this came out sooner than IV(II) but yet still has better graphics.

Audio Detailing 10/10
The music is great! This has got to be some of the BEST music in a Final Fantasy Series game. For some reason(and I think I know why), people only buy this for the music! I don't realize how music could greatly affect the decision of buying something, but now I do. When the right type of music is used, it makes the buyer think for a minute then buy. I was amazed at the fact that music can actually do that to people.

Overall 9/10
There is nothing more I can say about how great this game is. It is just for beginners but it still needs all the attention it really deserves. No matter what, This will always be my favorite Final Fantasy game ever!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/10/01, Updated 05/10/01

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