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"The BEST for a beginner RPG"

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was made by Square in 1992, and is copyright Square 1992. It is for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It is a beginner RPG, as it teaches all the basics, and lays down the mat for further Final Fantasy games to come!

Gameplay 10/10
This is one of the best games out for RPG trainers today. It provides a high level of experience and is excellent for any age. The game boasts several high points such as the amazing battle sequences, and trying to figure out ''Where do I go next?''. This game floods you with an endless sea of amazement and fun. The great thing about this video game is the fact that it opens up your mind. It makes you think. All Final Fantasy and Zelda and other games like that make you think. It opens up certain parts of the brain that normally aren't used much. So in turn, the more you have to think, you become smarter as you go. It makes it easier to think. So don't give up! Keep trying! You'll get your chance to kill the evil Dark King soon enough, just keep your pants on and build those levels and KEEP THINKING!

Story 10/10
Not a bad story if I do say so myself.

It starts out as you are on the Hill of Destiny You climb up to the top and a mysterious wizard is there. He will talk to you and you follow him to the safe side of the hill. When you make it, the side of the hill you were just on sinks below in an earthquake. He talks to you and you look at out Focus Tower, once the famed heart of the world. 4 Monsters have taken the keys and sealed themselves behind 4 doors. The wizard explains how the prophecy has come true, and YOU are the knight spoken of in the prophecy who will save the world. Then a monster appears, and you must fight it with only your sword. After you win, the wizard ASSURES you that you are the one spoken of in the prophecy. He tells you to meet him at the Level Forest and he disappears. You leave the hill as it starts to collapse. When you escape, the hill crumbles down and is part of the rubble of the nearby rocky landscape. You are at the Level Forest and should enter. You will meet the wizard and he will tell you more about your quest.

If I say anymore, I would be getting out of the intro... and the first five minutes. Don't worry, what I've just said is the intro. I haven't done anything to the rest of the game.

Audio/Video 10/10
This game is about 8-9 years old now, but it still has good aspects. The sound is good. You shouldn't compare the SNES to the N64 or Dreamcast. You have to think back to when it was made. Otherwise, people would say the original Nintendo (NES) was worthless, and they wish that they had never bothered with it. The sound on this game ranges from the swing of a sword, the chop of an axe, the scratch of a claw, the sound of a bomb or grenade exploding. Endless little sound effects that make this game! The graphics aren't bad either. For as much area there is, the graphics are good. They aren't fuzzy, or wavy. Just good nice old graphics. The outer world is very nice, but the towns and levels are something else. It doesn't take much to come to appreciate this game!

Replayability 10/10
Like many games that take about 20 or so hours to play and beat, you have to wait awhile before you play it again. I have sat up and beaten this game in one sitting. I got back up and played it again the next day. If you think you are getting bored, try leveling up so you can plain crush enemies. Then again, you could keep it at low levels so that the game was more challenging to you. This game gets two thumbs up for replaying!

To Buy YES!
You will find this game for about $10-$15 and there is a strategy guide made by Square for this game. If you find it, it is rare, so I would buy it!

If you want a well rounded game packed with fun, then this game is for you!

Don't delay, play today!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/26/01, Updated 05/26/01

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