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"A really friendly RPG for newbies."

This was my first RPG. The first time I played it, I loved it. I loved the story, the gameplay, the music, everything! I played it last week... and now I find it pointless and very uninspiring, but its not as bad as some say it to be.

Well.. you, the nameless warrior, have to recover some crystals because... the weird old man in the beginning said so!.. Yep, its something like that. Fortunately, you also find out that recovering the crystals from the monsters will solve the problems that the cities you visit have. Its very odd and uninspiring. Characters are plain and don't develop at all. Not even the main character develops! So I may say the story is lame, but it could be worse.

I give the Story a 5/10.

For being a SNES RPG the graphics are Ok. The map is well done, and colorful. Unfortunately the towns, except for the first one, are really awful. All the people (including your character) look small and undetailed, and people move REALLY slow, sometimes blocking your way for about a minute. In battles, the enemies look good, althought there's no animation to them, and color swaps repeat A LOT. The way they get more and more damaged as the battle progresses is very cool, but some animation would be much better. Characters look the same in and out of battle so don't expect seeing much detail here. Spells are also very lame, except for Comet (Meteor? I forgot the name) and the Ice spell, which are decent. Bosses are huge and have good detail.

Overall, Graphics get a 7/10.

In the music department, we found really cool tunes. The battle theme is good, ans some towns and dungeons music is good (the first dungeon, especially). The Boss theme is the best by far, and lacks nothing compared to the other FF's. The sound effects are decent. Sound for attack sound different for each weapon, and that's pretty cool. The rest of the sounds are good, and never get annoying, except for the Aero spell, which can get old quickly.

The Audio was above average. It deserves an 8/10.

The Gameplay wasn't that bad, either. It served its purpose: being easy and simple. RPG newbies will have an easy time managing weapons, armos and accesories, since the only thing that doesn't equipo automatically its the weapon. Spells are also very easy to use, and its use make the game much easier than it should be. Dungeons are short and not very puzzling, and you can see the enemes and avoid some (most are in the way). Battles are really easy, and Bosses are really weak, except for the first ones.
As for the items, they are not very necessary. Item sellers were rare, and even so the Cure spell works much better.

Gameplay is cheesy, but is bearable, unlike other garbage RPG's (like Secret of the Stars) It gets a 7/10.

A little. Its unlikely, but someone could find it fun to breeze through this game once in a while, because its short and easy.

Mmm Replayability gets 8/10.


Story= 5
Graphics= 7
Audio= 8
Gameplay= 7
Replayability= 8

Rounded Overall=7

Buy or Rent If you are a newbie, get it cheap(I always see how it collects dust in Babbage's and Funcolands). If you are a RPG hardcore fan, avoid this at all costs. You would HATE it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/29/01, Updated 05/20/02

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