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"Final Fantasy meets Zelda meets Early Learning Centre."

Before you accuse me of spelling Center wrong, I am from England and we use ''re'' ;).

Just about every RPG I Play has it's very own ''Training'' level at the start of the game, this is usually a Cave where nobody has returned alive or a shrine which hold's a special power which nobody has been bothered to collect. After the first and only training level, You are sent on a mission to get a X amount of crystals or stones to save the planet, then the game get's hard. The nice people at Squaresoft gave Sunsoft a license to make a learning RPG, to get unexperienced or new player's in to RPG's so they can play fantastic titles like Final Fantasy, Grandia, Chrono or Breathe of Fire. Most review's bash this game is it is far too easy in their opinion, but they need to remember that this is a Training RPG.

Same RPG stuff, Save the Girl(s), Get the Crystals, Kill the bad Guy!

As it is a learner RPG, it need's to have the original element's of any RPG. At the start of the game, the Hero of the game whom is nameless has to defeat a Behemoth and get four crystal's to save the world. Along the way, Our Hero has to deal with girl's in danger, Frozen over lands and a lot of stuff, including defeating a few hundred random crabs who are 8 times as large as the hero. They are some twist's and turns in the game which may not leave the player in shock, but may surprise you, unlike modern RPG's such as Skies of Arcadia.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is not a tradition Final Fantasy RPG...

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is very different from every other Final Fantasy, Including the first three. The first thing's which most gamer's don't like is the absence of Moogles, Chocobo's, Airships and of course, Cid. I miss all of these element's, But to be honest, Chocobo's and Airship's have no place in this game, as the world map, Which is the most colorful map in the history of RPG's, as you take your hero from A to B on a line, The menu goes, '' Left, Right, Up and Down'' arrows, Chose one and get to your next location.

The main element of Final Fantasy, Random Encounter's has gone, BUT monster's appear on the Field screen, If you walk up to them you fight them, Sure you can avoid some but other's you have to fight to carry on your journey. the battle system is almost unchanged, The normal standards like Attack, Magic, Run and Item, all of them there.

What makes this game stand out from most other Final Fantasy's is the Zelda type element's. The brain boxes behind this game also wants gamer's to be introduced to action RPG's such as Zelda. The many dungeons in the game are filled with both monster's and puzzles, which could tax some brains, frustrate others and make others just show off. To learn magic, you need to find ''Book's'' in the game, which teachers the character a spell.

Hi. I am Fred! I don't know why, But I am going to go with you!

There is a fair share of playable character's in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, each with their own individual characteristics and weapon's, but for some strange reason, Some of the character's will join and go with you for no reason, even if they have done their quest or have no quest.

Pure Snes!

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is definitely pure Super Nintendo! The graphics on the dungeons and the monster's is good, May not be as detailed as Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger but is still good. The sound, is also SNES and has the RPG tone just right. I like!

The normal RPG gamer could complete it within a weekend

Most RPG's will offer the normal gamer anything from 50 to 70 hours of pure game play. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a training and easy RPG and will last not much longer than than 15 hours. The game is one of them where you can speed through, with no worries of leveling up. One full play (Start to End) will leave you enough entertainment for a bit. All trainee's and Hardcore RPG gamers need to experience this game.


- Good SNES quality sound and Graphics.
- Good story towards the end.
- A Nice mix of Puzzles, Action and Role Playing.
- Will bring new players to the RPG Genre.


- A Bit too easy.
- Get's boring.
- Too many RPG Story element's.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/02/01, Updated 10/02/01

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