Review by Jeulnelune7

"Finally, hard evidence that Square doesn't think Highly of us"

This game is Square's most prolific attempt to aid the dummying down of America. It seems as if they thought that we were a bunch of kindergartners trying to play an RPG. They have pathetic amounts of items: all of the weapons I can count on my fingers, all of the spells I can count on my fingers, all of the support/curative items I can count on my fingers. It is truly pathetic.

Gameplay (1):
As for the play of FFMQ, it has semi-smooth controls. They are nothing compared to FFV or SMRPG. The main problem with the controls is that they seem to change on you, and you don't even use Config to do that.
Another problem is that the enemies are so darn easy, I mean I killed the last boss with the lowest (I'm sorry, the only ) curative magic. The enemies in game are little better have small amounts of hitpoints to the massive amounts you dealing. This game will work for an egotistical, winning obsessed kindergartner.

Graphics (5):
They aren't bad, nothing compared to FFV, or SMRPG. The character sprites are clearly defined in the less than lush scenery. Quite often the bosses look like oversized, mutated ducks.
Your allies are were this game really stinks graphics wise, they look like carbon copies of your character with different colors.

Story (1):
There is really nothing to say about the story, because there really isn't one. It is a bunch of environmental propaganda <explitive>. In most of Square's other games they have stayed away from this, but in this one they just hug so many trees, you get sick.

Replayability (2):
Really, there is no replay value. the game is so darn easy you will beat it in a few hours. The characters are not memorable, I played it last week and barely remember their names.
There are no re-occuring boss fights to add flavor (The Turks, Seymour). All of the boss fights are isolated events that do not award you with balanced treasure or exp.

Value (1):
This game is not with the cartidge it is on.

If you are into wasting your money, check this out. If your not, go with FFV or SMRPG instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/18/02, Updated 05/18/02

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