Review by AlphabetMan

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A fun game, awesome music, poor quality graphics and replay.

Yes, the Final Fantasy series is known for its' incredible plot, and character development. Unfortunately for those that thought all Final Fantasy games had a good story, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is one without.

The story is this: You are a hero, who appears out of nowhere to save the world from the Dark King. That's the whole story, no subplots, no character development, and no insight. This game is really what the box says it is: "Entry-Level Role-Playing Adventure." It also includes a free strategy guide offer, but it's not worth the 49 cents postage to get it.

I can guarantee that no person will get lost in a cave with straight tunnels that, after a few enemy encounters, lead to the boss.

The dialogue in this game also sucks. For example, the hero is in the first dungeon with a friend. They are both blocked. His friend says "Hey we can get by with this!" friend throws a bomb at the blockage, and then the blockage instantly collapses. The hero then says "COOL!" a screen pops up and says "[enter name here] learned bomb!!!!!!".

The best quality of this game is the awesome music, especially something special in the last level. I'm talking full-blown guitar strings. Its' sound quality is good too, which is why I still play through the game every year or so.

The only other redeeming quality about this game is that you can see the enemies, no random encounters. You can choose to walk around most of the enemies, but some will block the path, and you'll have the fight them to get by.

This is the perfect game for someone that wants to learn how to play a game in the RPG genre. It's certainly an introduction to it anyway.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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