Review by CChan

"An RPG which is fun only for beginners"

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is not really exciting. The game is designed for beginners or first RPGers.

Graphics - 7
Graphics quality are poor. The colours doesn't look nice and the backgrounds are even worse!

Musics - 8
The background musics are just so-so. Not very exciting.

Gameplay - 8
The game is somehow exciting and I find myself beginning to like it despite the poor graphics and musics. The magics and attacks are quite limited. Bosses are a bit challenging buy anyhow, it's not really so special. The game is just like any other 'normal' RPGs. The battle system is really a bizzare!

Replayability - 6
I don't think you'll ever play with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, once you finish the game. This game really misses something that can make you come back to this game for more. Although this game is fun for beginners, I'm sure that even beginners will begin to put it in a trash can.

Overall - 7
As I said, the game is quite fun when you play with it in the beginning but there aren't really anything to do once you finish the whole game. Buy this game if you are a fan of Final Fantasy series or just a new beginner.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/22/00, Updated 01/22/00

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