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Reviewed: 09/22/03

Intro into Rpg's 101

Final Fantasy is basically the definition of what Rpg's are suppose to be. Ask a gamer what game represents a successful Role Playing Game series and most likely your answer will be the Final Fantasy series developed and published by Square (Enix) back in the late 80s. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a different breed/system from the traditional set-up of what most Final Fantasy games are set up as Battle System Wise. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest has been defined as an Introduction to the genre of Role Playing Games and that's what it is exactly while presenting a very simple and complex system that is very user friendly to the avid Rpg player. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is the Third Video Game in the Series although not a sequel that was Released a year later after Final Fantasy II (1990). Now let's get on to the review and breakdown of this game.

Gameplay (7/10):
Although the system is not as deep as Final Fantasy II you have to remember that this game is an introduction to the genre of Rpgs and the Battle system is completely different between the two. First thing that is different is you have the ability to set your Non-Hero i.e. Kaeli to Auto or Manual meaning you can have your second Character do what they want to do (Auto) or Manually control them to specifically do what you want to do, they both have there advantages and disadvantages. Also Magic Points (MP) are set in this game meaning you can cast a spell a set amount of times like Heal 32 times unlike Heal in Final Fantasy 2 where Heal can would cost 10 Magic Points out of your 90 max Magic Points you have meaning you can cast it 9 times before your MP are diminished. The controls are also very simple and easy to adapt too as well also a jump button is in this game unlike other Final Fantasy games. Also the max characters that you can used during battle is only two rather than 4 which makes life easier if this is your first time playing an Rpg and your not well versed in micro managing your characters individually.

Story (7/10):
Well you start off on a mountain that's collapsing and find out from an old man that you are the chosen Knight of Light chosen to challenge the dark forces that have previously destroyed your village. Your quest is to recover the four crystals (Earth,Water,Fire,and Wind) that have been taken and are having their powers drained for evil uses. So your adventures begin in Foresta where your adventures take you to recover the crystals and restore order to the world. While on your adventures you'll notice how the land have been either drained of life or some other unnatural forces are still causing problems to the villagers.

Graphics (8/10):
The graphics come out really really smooth and look great for 1991 when Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was released. The In game battles graphics are a high light that come to mind when doing a considerable amount of damage to an enemy there physical appearance start to change which is something totally different and classic with some the expressions some of the enemies make.

Sounds/Music (9/10):
Square has always made great background music and sounds to all there games and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is no exception. The sound in this game are superb, when using a sword in battle you get a ''Swoosh'' type sound that sounds exactly like what a sword would sound like if used. The background music although isn't so great for towns and dungeons when it comes to that category unless if its the last dungeon which has a metal esque sound to it but that doesn't mean its too shabby as well. However the Battle music and Boss music are definitely a plus and very catchy that you can't help but hum the music while beating down some baddies.

Playtime/Re-Playability (6/10):
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest will take the Average gamer probably about 10-15 hours to complete on there first try. However Re-playability will most likely be low as it is for alot of Rpg games once beaten you'll most likely put this game on your shelve until one day you'll feel like playing this game again i know i have.

Final Recommendation:
Is Final Fantasy Mystic Quest a buyer??? Most Definitely if your a big Rpg fan like myself this game or an avid Rpg gamer this game deserves a spot on your shelve or serious consideration into your library of games. As an intro into the genre of Rpgs I can't help but feel this game was a good demonstration although made easier and into a simple complex system instead of the deep system you would find in other Final Fantasy games.

Overall Final Rating:

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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