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"It's GOOD. And It's HUGELY underrated."

No, I'm not mad. I actually have given Final Fantasy Mystic Quest an 8. Call me mad if you want but you'd be wrong. This is a GOOD Final Fantasy. Ok, not great, but GOOD. Every people on this planet seem to hate it, but why?? Graphics? Meh, get away, that's not the only thing that counts in a game. However they aren't bad, you know? Musics? Way better than FF7 ones, in my opinion, you know? Did you hear the Final Battle theme? Far the best I've ever heard... ah, yes, gameplay... only 2 members can battle, and equipment are strange, items are few... well, guys, don't let me down... Ah, now I understand... storyline... meh, I enjoyed more this storyline than FF10 one. At least, it has a charismatic main character... why are you laughing? Benjamin is WAY BETTER than Tidus, you know? Oh, stop it. Let's get to the will be slightly different from my other reviews...well, maybe not so different.

This game was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in USA first, and was released, after, in the Japan, under the name of Final Fantasy USA...not many people (nearly nobody) like this game, mainly for the stupid plot (hem, THEY think that it's stupid) and the horrible gameplay (again, THEY think that it's horrible)... well, everyone has his own opinions... I personally really like this game. I enjoyed it and I enjoy it today as well. It has great characters (and who sayed Cloud?) and a nice world. The places' names are funny and good (Foresta :D)... well, we can't say Square didn't put some...FANTASY in the game... this game, I repeat, hasn't a stupid plot... it's only that it isn't profound like other RpGs... but AT LEAST IT'S UNDERSTANDABLE... does this phrase make you remember something? Does it? A relatively simple plot, but understandable and with sense, at least, that's why I like this game... Don't come to me and say I hate new games and I love stupid one because it isn't true... this is a good game and everyone could enjoy it... don't judge it for the graphics and the gameplay, remember also that every FF is different in terms of game system... this is really different and can entertain you for days. Let's star with the ratings review, hope you'll understand what type of game FFMQ is, a unique RPG in his genre.

Graphics. Graphics? Good, for the 1992 when the game was released.. well, maybe the world map isn't so detailed (well, it is. A bit.)... but effects are good, especially battle ones. Character are...well, little, but still good, especially Tristan. Well...I don't think there are other things to say... graphics is ok for a 1992 game...ok, maybe FF4 had some better effects, but...oh, it's evident that Square didn't put a great effort on the graphics, when makin this game... Rating? A 6.5 would be enough.

Sounds and musics... well, they are GREAT, especially musics! FFMQ has GREAT melodies and GREAT battle tunes, trust me! Especially the Boss Battle theme and the Final Battle theme. Squaresoft surely didn't do an error here, as he didn't with almost the entire game. GUYS IT WAS RELEASED IN 1992!! SOME BRAIN, PLEASE!! And... after all, it's a FF, what were you expecting? Rating... 9.

Storyline, ok, you can say it's the worst part of the game. Well, it may be, it may not... I won't spoil it. Hem, even because I didn't really understand it! ^^ There is Benjamin who suddenly is called by an...owl? for saving the world... and find the Crystals, if I'm not wrong. Mmm...better I don't rate it XD no let's be fair. It's a simple plot, but at least it has's understandable, as I said before... 6.5. Enough.

And the gameplay...well, think of a FF with battles using 2 characters and you can manually control the second character. There are magics, weapons, like any other RPG... well, I think, though, the gameplay is pretty simple and understandable. Rate? Nah, I don't think it must have a rating...oh, well, 8 is enough.

When the, like other RpG, you only need some brain and many healing items ... you'll be glad to know that magics here cure ALL the life. But you have few life and enemies tend to deal you big damage. Well there are negative status, like poison, confusion, and so on... but they are all curable in a battle. I think...easy to medium.

And the replay value...well, see any other RpG review for this. I think it's always the same: check for unopened treasure chests, that's all... and there are some bugs...if you open a chest, leave the screen and return, it'll be still there, with the content inside. This way you can gather unlimited potions and so on... well, it's the way the game is, I think!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/03

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