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Reviewed: 03/22/00 | Updated: 03/22/00

Or, "How to get on my good side despite the flaws..."

Okay. I've heard too many people slamming this game because it's ''too easy.'' Might I remind them that both the box and the manual specifically describe this title as a BEGINNER'S RPG. And if you need to introduce your Mario-addicted friends to try something with a slightly slower pace, you could do a WHOLE lot worse. Anyway...the

Graphics are done pretty nicely in the battle scenes. Not only do get the fun of looking at big hand-drawn enemies, you get to see them DETERIORATE as you lower their HP. This feature definitely should have made it to certain other Square titles, but the execs seem to be ignoring this monumental advance. However, the graphics on the world map and in the dungeon are for utilitarian purposes ONLY. No special decoration on the backgrounds for YOU, unworthy player! Strictly bare-bones design here. However, the

MUSIC is absolutely awesome! Practically every single tune is inspired, well-composed, and catchy. Mention ''Doom Castle'' to anyone who's played this game and you're likely to get a BIG smile. That one theme is easily one of the best heard on the SNES. However, the music in the other areas doesn't slouch either, with particularly honorable mention given to Pazuzu's tower, the Bone dungeon, and the Lava Dome. Most definitely the best feature about this game, especially because it serves to add feeling to the somewhat sparse

Story: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay, now this is funny. ''Find item X to do Y'' might have worked on some of the earlier NES games, but even those tended to have a LITTLE bit of prose beyond what was needed to advance the game. Not here. Major plot points are mercilessly chopped down to one or two sentences and a few exclamation points and/or question marks. Such emotion! Moving on to the...

GAMEplay, which seems specially designed to avoid any thinking on the part of the player...almost. There WAS some conscious thought involved in switching weapons, since they can be used as tools as well as fighting implements(although it seems kind of sacreligous to use Excalibur to flick switches.) But otherwise, you can easily breeze through this game, since your main character can cast every spell(a master mage as well as a master swordsman, forsooth!) and you can set your sometime second character to fight automatically. Oh, and there's no such thing as ''random battles'' in this game, you can see EVERY enemy and choose whether or not to encounter enemies in EVERY battlefield. Still, this game manages to deliver on the ''RPG experience,'' easily enough to hook beginners and more than enough for you to go through it again just to see how fast you can do it. (Two hours is pretty good.)

Nintendo Logic: SPOILER ALERT! What is with these heroes? Y'know, if I had just put the beatdown on the dark overlord, the last thing on my mind would be to ''go exploring.'' Why would I want to see the world, anyway? It's not like I haven't already traveled it, what with having to clear out all those dungeons full of loathsome creatures all over the globe! My advice to Mr. Hero: In RPGs, villains don't die for long. If the Dark King resurrects while you're out sailing, we don't really have any other heroes lined up to fight him! At least marry one of the girls that fought with you and raise a family, for crying out loud! Then maybe your children will get the chance to knock out the latest manifestation of the ''source of all evil'' when you're too old to carry a sword and you've forgotten all your spells. In the meantime, settle down and take a LOOOOONG holiday. You deserve it, even though you're somewhat dense.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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