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"A simple, but extremely fun FF game. One of the most fun games for the SNES."

Final Fantasy in the old days. It's kinda hard to believe today that Square soft made RPG's that had better stories and gameplay, instead of great graphics. This was when Square was good. They created a marvelous franchise called Final Fantasy. These were RPG's that were simple, but very fun. Some complained that some of them were too simple. Great example: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Probably the most simplistic Final Fantasy game to date. The only thing about that, was that casual gamers looked at this game's difficulty and determined that it was a bad game. This is definitely not the case, and once you get past that, you will see the great game that is FF:Mystic Quest.

For the SNES days, these graphics were amazing. Today, me, and a lot of people can still say that these graphics are very good. The characters are presented in normal Final Fantasy style: very little. But that doesn't mean that they aren't detailed. Many of the creature that you fight are very detailed also. When you hurt them, they change in appearance, so it actually looks like you are hurting them. Many of the bosses have up to four transitions. The world map looks a lot different from any of the other FF games. You can no longer walk freely along the world map, so it's not too detailed anymore, which is sorta disappointing. Overall, the graphics are very well done.

The beautiful sounds and songs that come from this game will bewilder many gamers because most of them don't know... this game has a fantastic soundtrack. Many of the songs are new and original. The battle theme is especially fun to listen to. The only down side to the music is the lack of it. Don't get me wrong, the music that it does have is brilliant, but there could of been WAY more then this. Many of the town's themes are done over again, which is not good.

The story works like this: a kid (teenager?) meets this old guy who tells him that he's special and that he has to rescue the crystals. Then you go and get the crystals. Done with story. Seriously though, the story could of been way, way better. Along your journey you meet different people that help you on you quest. Four in all. That's another really bad touch to the game: there is little if not no character development at all. The characters come and leave when they want to, and then you're stuck by yourself. Ths may turn off some gamers, but it's not about the story, it's about the gameplay.

The battle system may be simplistic, but it's really fun. You have four choices to choose from:Attack, Defend, magic, or run. This leaves less in strategy, and more on beat the enemy senseless. This works great, and you will have fun trying to find the enemy's weakness, and learning new magics as you gain levels. Another good thing that Square did with this game is making leveling up a lot easier, and less tedious. Instead of using "MP" for magic, they have brought back where you have a certain amount of times to use that particular magic attack. This is again, very easy to learn.

You collect weapons along your journeys into caves and dungeons. You can switch through any weapon that you have found at any time, so this means that you can start off with one weapon, then finish it with another. This is better because you can also use your weapons outside of battle. If there is a tree in your way for example, and you need to get through, just equip your axe, and you can hack all day. This gives the game an adventure like feel to it also. It will remind you of such games like "Zelda". Overall, the battle system was fun and they added some great puzzle like dungeons to the game which will have you thinking.

One sad thing about FF:MQ is that there are no side quests. The only thing remotely optional are these things called the battlefields. These are places on the world map that let you battle monster, after monster until you've won ten battles. This is very fun and let's you get a head start level wise on the nest dungeon. Since they are all over the world map, it's a great opportunity to level up, or just have fun battling. Overall, they could of put more side quests or optional stuff, but the Battlefields make up for it.

Graphics: 8/10
Music: 9/10
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Side quests: 7/10

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a very underrated game. It had great potential to become one of the best FF games in most people's eyes, but the difficulty turned most of them away. Now for the big question: Should I take the time to search, find, buy, and play this game? The answer is yes. This was a terrific title, and will not leave you disappointed at the end of the day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/19/05

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