Review by GregP

"This game is OK for a beginner"

I picked this game up at a garage sale about a year ago simply because it said Final Fantasy on it. Boy, was I wrong. Just because this game is part of a Final Fantasy series, does not make it good. This RPG is a great RPG if it's your first RPG. You'll understand how an RPG works with the help of this very weak RPG cleared and under your belt.

GRAPHICS - 6(/10)
This game's graphics are really awful. They really needed some help desperatly from the word go. You knew right from the beginning of the re-occurring shoulder shrug the main character does that you were in trouble with this game.

GAME PLAY - 4(/10)
Mystic Quest's story is very poor. Going from area to area meeting a series of 4 people who join you twice. Trying to collect crystals to get onto a boat? What's wrong with this game. The format is just like any other RPG with a twist. You go through four reigons fighting demons and getting crystals. Remind you of another RPG? Maybe FF2? Hmmmm...

ENJOYMENT - 7(/10)
Yeah, I'll admit it. It's fun to play once you get into it. Everyone'll say I'm wrong when I write this but that's my own opinion. The game isn't as bad as it looks once you get down to it. Besides the fact there are no Mini-Games or Side Quests, there's still some good enjoyment out of going straight for the man and not walking around fighting monsters.

I'm not saying to rush out and buy this game, so don't flip out on me. I'm just saying to give it a try. Rent it at a store. I'm sure since it's so old that you'll get it for 7 days. BUT, you'll beat it in 2.

OVERALL - 5.6 rounded off to 6.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/21/00, Updated 05/21/00

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