Review by light_angel411

Reviewed: 01/05/06

Pure Magic

What can I say, this game is brilliant, and is one of those rare underrated gems that you do not find anymore. Well, I don't think you can find it anymore! Everything about this game just rules, and in my review, I will give my opinions on why I think this. It may seem I am biased in this review, but I am just giving my heartfelt opinion.

For quite a clíched story it unravels extremely well, twisting into new branches when needed. You start off with a character called Benjamin (you can change his name if you want). He is told that focus tower was once the best place or something (i'm a little sketchy sorry), but then the monsters took over and they grew more powerful with each passing day. Benjamin is told to find the five crystals which are earth,water,wind,light and fire if he wants to restore what it was like before.
So he embarks on his journey, throughout quite clíched lands, which include a forest, ice dungeons and many more places. He meets new characters, and he starts of meeting the girl Kaeli. I will not say anymore on the story, but I can guess you can kind of figure it out.

The graphics were great in the time, but today they just probably would not live up to the recent final fantasys such as x or viii. The graphics were very good for the SNES, compared to some games then. Everything has detail and the graphics add more feel to a great game. The battlefields and towns have detail in them and the enemy sprites are quite impressive.

Brilliant, the composer (whoever he or she is) did a tremendous job with the sounds in this game, the sounds draw you into the game abd can change your mood with a click of a finger. The music is emotional and obviously has had alot of time put into it. There are so many different tracks in this game, and I have too many to list!

Excellent, you can see the enemies so you can decide if you want to fight them or not, this was a minor change from the repetitive random battles that plague other Final fantasys. You get to use our weapons on the field, for instance you have to cut down trees with an axe to clear your path. This gives the game a more Zelda appeal, and pulls in Zelda and Final fantasy fans at the same time. The game is pretty long, and there are unique battlefields and you can decide if you want your characters to be strong and annihilate anything in their way or you can make them weak for a harder challenge. This game HAS been stereotyped over they years, and it is NOT as easy as people make it out to be, sure, it is not as hard as say, iv, but it still can provide a challenge. This game is great and it was my first rpg, and led me into the rpg gaming world, it may seem I am being biased but this is my heartfelt opinion.

There are so many ways you can do this game, you can make your characters uber strong and defeat the last boss in a couple of hits. Or you could make them in the middle with a bit of a challenge, you can even make them weak due to no random battles providing quite a challenge! Sure ,there is an easy trick to beating the last boss, but who wants to make a game that easy?

Target market:
This will probably turn off veterans and the like, but it is a great stepping stone for a novice rpg gamer. Which was me around ten years ago! Get this if you are starting to get interested in the world of rpgs, because trust me, there is not game like this which is so beginner friendly.

Buy or Rent?
Buy definitely, if not the gameplay, the magic it still has, thats IF you can buy it anywhere now.

Thanks for taking your time to read my review, I hope I have gave you a clear aspect and understanding of this game and if you like it or not.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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