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Reviewed: 03/15/06

I'm writing this all from memory, so bear with me.

People always say that FF: MQ is too easy or that it's a badly-made beginner's RPG. They probably always will, but I shall provide personal experience to argue with that: Have you played it at the age of 5, before being able to read, and with a not-quite-working-at-mint-condition B button? I thought not. The game is pretty hard in that situation. It was the first game I ever played, and one of the two games that helped me learn how to read. (The other was Pokemon Red.) If I hadn't played this game, I wouldn't be wouldn't be writing this review!

..Wait. No, there;s no time to wait, nevermind. On with the show!

Battle Gameplay: 7.555/10
This game had a unique way of showing you if you're winning: Every single enemy and boss in the game has two to five different poses showing their condition. (Only one enemy has the fifth, showing that all magic attacks will be repelled at you; otherwise, two to four damage stages.) This gives the game a more realistic effect.

The battling itself is pretty good. You get four different types of weapons in the game, with three weapons within each type. That's twelve weapons, each with their advantages. Enemies are diverse, your partners have unique weapons (well, all except Kalie, or however it's spelt) and armor, and there is a wide range of spells (12, I think) divided into three subcategories. Every time you use magic from one subcategory, the subcategory loses one MP. The MP for each type would increase throughout te game, of course.

Out-of-Battle Gameplay: 7/10
The overworld isn't much to talk about, though it does have some interesting points (Battlefields full of monster battles, mainly). Inside towns, it's pretty okay. But the dungeons! I loved the dungeons... The first is easy with a difficult boss (for my age, 'course), the second and third were like huge mazes with shweeet bosses ("Dude, it's a two-headed!), and the fourth was a game of tag in a huge tower with a huge bird, who was pretty hard because you could almost never hit him with magic.

The last dungeon was just really long, but the bosses were huge amounts harder than the originals. The new form of twinheaded-dragon-dude gave me the most trouble. The final boss was waaaay too easy, but it was a good game.

Party: 5/10
The party is...well...ok at the most. You only have one person at a time, and the longest that you go without a partner (who will always start out stronger than you unless you like doing low-level battles for no reason) is about 7-10 minutes.

Story: 4.3/10
Dude, I need to save the world! Dude, I've gotta save some kinda forest/plain thing! Dude, I need to defrost a village! Dude, I need to stop earthquakes! Dude, I need to save some old man's daughter!

(This line divides the normal parts from the more endgame parts.)

Dude, I need to save the father of someone who used to be in my party! Dude, I need to go through a huge dungeon and beat an easy final boss! (I found out the Cure trick by myself.) Dude, the old man who's been guiding me through the game is some shweeet crystal!

Graphics: 9.99999/10
The last 0.00001 is reserved for 3D. Other then that, this game is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System RPG. I think that's 'nuff said, but if it isn't: This game looks purely awesome.

Sound: N/A
It's been so long, I can't remember what it sound like. Except the "enemy disentegrating" sounds. Heh heh heh...

So, there you have it. An awesome game that would be the best to introduce a child to the world of video games (and RPGs, to be more specific).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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