Where is the best place to level up in the World Of Ruin?

  1. Not worried about magic points, only want to know about experience points

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    mattvb9222 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The best place is usually considered to be the "Dinosaur Forest" in the north east section of the map. Beware of powerful enemies though. It is best to go with one person equipped with the exp. egg and vanish+doom/x-zone them before you get killed. If you go into battle with the Vanish status it is very easy to level all of your characters up quite quickly. The gem box makes it even easier.

    The enemies around the forest are also good for XP. If you encounter the battle with 4 Tumbleweeds, you actually get more XP. However, you won't ALWAYS encounter them and it isn't as fast.

    The normal enemies you'll fight in the Dinosaur Forest are the Tyrannosaurs. They can hit strong (hence the vanish) and sometimes cast Meteor. They like to come in pairs and surround you so you can't run away. If you aren't strong enough to live through the meteors yet, I suggest either warping out (item / spell). If you have the gem box you should be able to kill them both fast enough so they don't cast it.
    Occasionally a Brachosaur (rare enemy) will appear. This is a very vicious opponent but you can steal a Ribbon from it (rare) and it will drop an Economizer (rare). The economizer makes all spells cost 1 MP, so it is worth fighting them whether you want to level up or not. The Brachosaur has the highest XP reward for any single enemy I believe. You will want to vanish+doom/x-zone the brachosaur immediately or it may take you out. It has an attack called Disaster that will inflict lots of nasty status effects, a strong physical attack, and a strong meteor spell.

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