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    US/Japan Differences by Cless

    Version: 1.51b | Updated: 02/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy VI US/Japan difference FAQ v1.51b
    Copyright 1999, 2001 Cless (tetsuya@crosswinds.net)
       Okay, well, I decided to make this file to see what was different between the US and 
    Japanese versions of Final Fantasy VI. I also decided to learn the Japanese kana, so I could
    read some stuff, and translate some little things... this FAQ isn't totally complete or 
    anything, I still have to add a lot of stuff.
    History of this FAQ:
    v1.51b (2/19/01)
    Below here, there is absolutely NO difference whatsoever in content, formatting, except
    that I removed a defunct URL on the bottom. All my spelling and grammar mistakes are
    still there 100% intact... so laugh at their patheticness all you want.
    This 'update' is only to say that this FAQ is -officially- *DEAD*. Should've done that
    a long time ago...
    Even though it's old, I still get email regarding it once in awhile. I just don't
    care about this game anymore and needless to say, have no interest in updating this
    FAQ. Anymore email regarding it will more than likely be ignored.
    That is all.
    v1.51 (4/28/99)
    -Did a bit of revising...
    -Converted it into a text file...
    v1.5 (10/18/98) 
    -Fixed mistranslations, courtesy of Ian Kelley, and there was quite a few things I 
    screwed up on :) 
    -Added the Moglie (Moogle) names 
    v1.0 (10/17/98) 
    -Initial release 
    Character names: 
    US            Japan
    Terra         Tina 
    Locke         Lock 
    Sabin         Mash 
    Cyan          Cayenne 
    Strago        Stragus 
    Gestahl       Ghastra 
    Kefka         Cefca 
    Vicks         Biggs 
    Banon         Bannon 
    Other Characters: 
    Elayne        Mina 
    Owain         Son 
    Arvis         Jun
    Madonna       Madaline 
    Gerad         Geoff 
    Duane         Dean 
    Katarin       Katrina 
    The Moglis (Moogles): 
    Kupek         Moglin 
    Kupop         Mogpu 
    Kumama        Mogchi 
    Kuku          Morl 
    Kutan         Mogtan 
    Kupan         Mogul 
    Kushu         Mogshin 
    Kurin         Mogpon 
    Kuru          Mugmug 
    Kamog         Zumomog 
    Character Classes: 
    In Japan, the characters had class names...
    Name          Class 
    Tina          Magic Warrior 
    Lock          Adventurer 
    Edgar         Machinery 
    Mash          Monk 
    Shadow        Assassin 
    Cayenne       Samurai 
    Gau           Wild Boy 
    Celes         Rune Knight 
    Mog           Moglie 
    Setzer        Gambler 
    Stragus       Blue Mage 
    Relm          Pictomancer 
    Gogo          Mimic
    Umaro         Snow Man 
    Banon         Priest 
    Leo           Great General 
    Biggs         Imperial Soldier 
    Wedge         Imperial Soldier 
    I haven't had the time to translate the many many monster names that Woolsey changed, so
    here are some bosses: 
    US                    Japan
    TunnelArmr            Dig Armor 
    AtmaWeapon            Ultima/Altema Weapon (Just still don't 100% agree with 'Altema') :) 
    Atma                  Ultima/Altema Pastor 
    Larry                 Suuno 
    Moe                   Seeno 
    Doom Gaze             Death Gaze 
    Chupon                Tupon 
    Umaro                 Snow Man 
    Hidon                 Hidun 
    Hidonite              Eleboth 
    DirtDragon            Earth Dragon 
    Ice Dragon            Freeze Dragon 
    Red Dragon            Flame Dragon 
    White Drgn            Holy Dragon 
    GoldDragon            Illu Dragon 
    Whelk                 Yumir
    Espers/Phantom Beasts: 
    I don't know why he didn't, but Ted Woolsey shoulda left the words "Genjuu/Phantom Beast"
    alone, they sound way cooler than "Esper". Either that, or he didn't know what Genjuu meant...
    figures, knowing him.
    US                    Japan
    Stray                 Cait Sith 
    Shoat                 Catoblepas 
    ZoneSeek              Zone Seeker 
    Palador               Keeshiheri (Romanji, I've no clue to what it is) 
    Starlet               Rakushumi (Romanji, I've no clue to what it is) 
    Tritoch               Varingarmandar
    Terrato               Midgar Zolom 
    Crusader              Jihaad 
    Renamed normal magic gained by Espers/Phantom Beasts: 
    US                    Japan
    Attack Magic: 
    Ice                   Blizzard 
    Bolt                  Thunder 
    Fire 2                Fira 
    Ice 2                 Blizzara 
    Bolt 2                Thundara 
    Fire 3                Figa 
    Ice 3                 Blizzaga 
    Bolt 3                Thundaga 
    Doom                  Death 
    Pearl                 Holy 
    Demi                  Gravity 
    Quartr                Graviga 
    X-Zone                Degeon 
    Meteor                Meteo 
    W.Wind                Tornado 
    Healing Magic: 
    Cure                  Keal 
    Cure 2                Kealra 
    Cure 3                Kealga 
    Life                  Raise 
    Life 2                Araise 
    Antdot                Poisona 
    Remedy                Esuna 
    Life 3                Reraise 
    Effect Magic: 
    Scan                  Libra 
    Rasp                  Raspil 
    Mute                  Silence 
    Safe                  Protes 
    Sleep                 Sleeper 
    Muddle                Confu[se] 
    Bserk                 Berserk 
    Float                 Levitate 
    Imp                   Kappa 
    Rflect                Reflec[t] 
    Haste 2               Hasga 
    Slow 2                Sloga 
    Osmose                Aspil 
    Warp                  Telepo[rt] 
    Special skills and attacks: 
    <Lore> ------>        <Memorized Technique> 
    (This list is VERY incomplete) 
    AquaRake              Aqua Breath 
    Revenge               Revenge Blast 
    <Blitz> ------>       <Special Technique> 
    AuraBolt              Aura Cannon 
    Suplex                Meteodrive 
    Fire Dance            Phoenix Dance 
    Air Blade             Vacuum Blade 
    Bum Rush              Battle Dance (this thing is a bitch to translate into english)
    <SwdTech> ------>     <Special Sword Technique> 
    Dispatch              Fang / Tusk 
    Retort                Sky 
    Slash                 Tiger 
    Quadra Slam           Dance / Circle / Wheel 
    Empowerer             Dragon 
    Stunner               Moon 
    Quadra Slice          Violent / Furious 
    Cleave                Chop / Sever / Cut 
    <Tools> ------>       <Machine> 
    AutoCrossbow          Auto Bow-Gun 
    Bio Blaster           Bio Blast 
    Flash                 Sun Beam 
    Debilitator           Weak Maker 
    NoiseBlaster          Voice Blast 
    <MagiTek> ------>     <Magic-based>      (this too is a real bitch to translate)
    Bio Blast             Bio Blaster 
    TekMissile            Magic Missile 
    Ice Beam              Blizzard Beam 
    Bolt Beam             Thunder Beam 
    X-fer                 Degenerator 
    <Morph> ------>       <Trans[form]> 
    Graphic changes: 
    -The Bar signs...The Bar signs in FF6 say PUB on them, in FF3, they are a Wine 
    Glass and a bottle, that says "Cafe" on them.
    -A few monsters and Genju had some slight graphic changes; (these are the FF3US names) 
    Critic, 2nd tier of last boss, Goddess, and the Esper/Genju, Starlet/Rakushumi were modified 
    a little (they were partially in the nude). Another enemy graphic was slightly changed, 
    the Barb-e (and palette swaps look-alikes) had smoke coming out of their pipes.
    Misc. changes: 
    -You can rename Cayenne's Special Sword Technique attacks, but only in Kanji, no kana. 
    -Customize controls option, in Config menu. 
    -No black and white title screen when beginning, goes immediately to the regular title screen.
    -Title screen says "Final Fantasy VI", also theres an Amano-ish Tina on Magic Armor between
     Final and Fantasy, it's awesome.
    -Characters had a Job/Class name (see above). 
    -While equpping things, it shows the quantity you have left. 
    -Item names are limited to 8 characters, unlike FFIII having been expanded to a limit of 12 (13?). 
    -Cayenne in FFIII had Machinery books, in FFVI, he had a Machinery book AND a porn mag! SeX0r
    -Ted Woolsey isn't in the Magic Armor mode7 credits screen.
    -Money is Gil. 
    Heres some game bugs that were fixed before the US release: 
    -Equip anything as a helmet bug. I personally recommend equipping the Drill...gives you 
    255 Def, and 255 Magic Def.! To do it: Make sure the character your gonna equip has no
    helmet equipped, and make sure there are no helmets in your inventory. Now, stick the item 
    you want to equip as a helmet in the bottom right corner of the inventory, then goto equip, 
    then select optimum, it will be equipped as a helmet.
    -Back to the World of Balance Bug. OK, this is kinda strange...during the opera when you 
    have to fight the rats....leave a pack there...go back there when you are in the World of 
    Ruin, the pack will still be there. Get into a battle with it and kill yourself, the battle 
    will end, it will show the 4 ton weight drop, then the screen will black, then you will be 
    outside the Opera House... but in the World of Balance. The strange thing after that, the 
    worlds music is the music on the Veldt. Also, if you enter a town, you will enter the World
    of Ruin's "version" of it, yet another thing that happens is that the bottom character gets 
    replaced by Lock, but only in battle. One final note on it is, if you try to use Figaro 
    Castle to go back to Figaro area, you will end up back in the World of Ruin, but there's no 
    -When you get the Valiant Knife, after getting Lock in the WoR, you get 2 of them. 
    Legal disclaimer crap:
    Final Fantasy VI and its contents are copyright and trademark 1994 Square co.ltd Japan.
    I grant you permission to distribute this FAQ anywhere as long as it is in it's original,
    unmodified form. If you stick it on your website, I ask you link my site with yours.
    DO NOT use this document for ANY profit making purposes, such as selling it, or using it as
    an incentive to buy any game, or anything similar! Come on people, I didn't make this file 
    for other people to make any kind of profits, I made it free, and that's exactly how I want
    it distributed, by ALL! Doing such things are illeagal anyhow, and I'll see you in hell if I
    find out if you do!
    For any corrections, additions, comments, questions, etc, please send me an email, at:
    Shinryuu-- gave me back this file after losing it.
    Ian A. Kelley (ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu)--he has helped a lot with this document, especially
    with things I could not translate (Cayenne's Tech Kanji, for one). And don't forget to visit
    his awesome homepage!  

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