Review by Vegeta421

"A great game for the SNES!"

This awesome game is one of the best FF's ever made. Your goal is to destroy the evil Kefka and put an end to the Empire. FF7 and FF8 are still good, but they take up too much memory on the graphics. FF3 has good graphics and doesn't span across 3 or 4 cartrages. Is also FF6 in Japan.

-Graphics (10/10):
For a 16 bit system, this game takes advantage of that. The graphics are top notch for the time it was released and the best thing about this is it didn't make the game shorter than usual. The battle scenes probably exceed 16 bits. The backgrounds can be from deep underwater to vast forests to tall mountains. The charecters are also nicely programed.

-Story (10/10):
The story is very creative. The game is to try and stop the war of Magi from reanacting. It's also to defeat Kefka and put an end to the evil Empire. The best part is, there is no offical main charecter that stays with you for the whole game so you can say your favorite is the main charecter.

-Music/Sound (10/10):
The music in this game is basically the best in any video game i've played. The music can be happy and very joyful or very sad. If you like your games to have good sound, this game is defentally for you.

-Gameplay (10/10):
The controls in this game are very easy to learn and the response to your controller is right on the dot. If you're the type to cheat on games, this game has tons of codes. The game is long, and in most parts, it is hard. It has a ton of charecters including 2 secret ones.

-Replayability (10/10):
This is a game you'll play over and over. The game is challenging and long, but easy to understand. The game has different paths you can take, and some items can't be gotten if you choose different paths or say different things.

-Final Rating (10/10):
This game is the best of the Final Fantasy series. It has great graphics and sound and still is long, challenging and has 3 save slots! This is a game you'll play for years and years.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/23/00, Updated 07/23/00

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