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"One of the two types of the games in the world...."

There are two types of games. Only two types. The greatest game of all time and the rest of the games in the world. Those are the two types of games. And Final Fantasy III just happens to be the greatest game of all time. The first time I experienced this grand masterpiece was at a friends house. We wanted to rent a game and the lady that owned our small town's rental place said Final Fantasy III was supposed to be a good game to play. So, we took it back to my friend's house and popped it in. We played it for 5 minutes, decided the game was garbage and went outside and played basketball. That was my first experience. I had never played an RPG before, and honestly Final Fantasy III does have a little bit of a slow begining. As fate would have it I later rented a game called Super Mario RPG which helped introduce me to RPG's a little big better. I understood them better now. And now I wanted a crack at Final Fantasy III. So I borrowed a friend's Super Nintendo, went downstairs, popped it in and didn't move from the T.V. screen for about a week. Now, you may be wondering what the point of all this is. Well, there isn't really a point. I just wanted you to realize how this game impacted me when I got to know it. We all have a game that we think is the greatest ever and this game was that for me. The story behind how it became your favorite game of all time is equally as important as why you think it is. At least in my opinion. But I suppose now it is time for me to explain my reasoning. Just let me get a Kleenex....Ok, here we go.

Graphics: 8
Okay, the graphics in Final Fantasy III weren't THAT great. They were pretty good and they got the job done. The characters were very well designed. Almost all of them, even the non-player characters, had a very original design. With all the characters thrown into this game that is quite a task in itself. Also, the background designs were well-done and fit the environment well. The spells weren't spectacular but they were very nice. And there were several different types of spells, allof which had a different look to it. Overall they were very good graphics but they just didn't make you go ''WOW!'' The graphics just don't seem to keep up with the rest of this game.

Sound: 10+
When I play an RPG today this is the game I compare the music too. The music of Final Fantasy III is perfect. It's beyond perfect. The only game that can come anywhere near Final Fantasy III in terms of music is Chrono Trigger. Square just seems to nail the music. The music is everything from depressing to exciting. It gets you in the mood your supposed to be in. Several people, including myself, listen to this music as entertainment alone. The music is top-notch. Sound effects are also good. There really aren't that many sound effects in the game and some may see this as a down point but I don't. The game doesn't really need to many sound effects other than a sword slash and a treasure box opening. And those are all very good. The music of Final Fantasy III will always remain some of the best of all time.

Control: 10
Not really too much to worry about here. The menus are easy to maneuver around in with the SNES controller and the environments can be explored thoroughly. Everything is easy to access and you rarely have difficulty controlling something.

Storyline: 10
This storyline may seem standard at first (save the world from the evil empire) but it is so much deeper than that. You meet tons of important characters, all with their own unique personality. The bad guys are purely evil and border line maniacal. There are two huge worlds to explore and you can learn to care for your group and truly hate the enemy. There is so much here to find.

Fun: 10
Get this game, put it into your machine, and don't come out for 40 hours. For me, that defines how fun this game is. Stopping was not an option for me. It was a perfect experience. Discovering new places, finding new friends, and making new enemies had never been a more enjoyable experience.

Final Synopsis: I suppose this should be said somewhere. I have not yet beaten this game that I have hailed the greatest game of all time. I have played through it about 4 times reaching about the same spot but have not beaten it. Why? Maybe it's because I don't own a SNES and got frustrated and returned it to my friend, maybe it's because even though I own the Anthology I find it to play slow and can't stand to see my favorite game ruined on a different system, or maybe it's just because I don't want to beat it. I can't stand to see the adventure end. I want to continue to hunt treasure with Locke, avenge my family with Cyan, or find out what my place is in the world with Terra.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/17/00, Updated 08/17/00

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