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"Final Fantasy III: The World is Square"

Known as FF (Final Fantasy) VI in Japan and III in the US, this was the final game in the series that graced the SNES. Featuring a large cast of characters, Final Fantasy VI was an epic RPG (Role Playing Game) with a deep story of human emotion.

Story: 10

The story takes place in the not-so-distant future and is a setback to the traditional medieval period that is so common with most RPGs. The futuristic setting of FF VI set the stage for its sequel FF VII, which made a jump to the 3D era. You start out as Terra, a half-human half-esper. An esper is a magical beast infused with magic, unlike humans. The empire, which is of course the "bad guy" in every game, is conducting experiments on how to imbue humans with magic. Once they discovered about Terra's esper qualities they raised her as a solider of destruction, imprisoning her with a mind-controlling device. The empire exploited Terra's magic to conquer the globe. One day, Terra escapes the empire only to realize that she had been forced to commit inhumane acts. From this day, Terra feels nothing but guilt and remorse for her actions and with an eclectic group of characters, Terra and her new found friends swear revenge on the empire that took advantage of her and all that they hurt in the process. This band of troops became known as the Returners, whose goal is to return peace to the world.

Game Play: 10

Now that I have described the gist of the story onto the game play itself. At one point you will control of about 20 or so characters and can use them to create an active group of four characters. Everyone else will stay behind in reserve and will join the active party if ever called upon. There are times when certain characters will force their way into the active party based on the current plot of the story. Each character has a special ability that makes them unique from the others. For example Terra can morph into esper where her strength is increased, Edgar has a set of tools that cost no MP (magic points) to use, and Locke can steal items from the enemy.

Relics are another interesting part of the game, which are charms that characters can equip to boost their power. The more notable ones are the genji glove, offering, marvel shoes, and the moogle charm. Each character can equip two relics so you must know which relics pair the best together. Some suggesting are the genji glove and offering, which allows a character to attack eight times in one turn! A gem box with an economizer allows you to cast two spells per turn consuming only 1 MP per spell. The moogle charm plus sprint shoes allow you to run through dungeons with no random enemy encounters. However, only Mog can equip the moogle charm.

Music: 10

The music for this game is perfect as always from Squaresoft. One of the best songs is the boss music. This game has high replay value just to listen to all the good music again. Usually games only have a few good songs, but in FF VI, almost every single song is good.

Graphics: 10

The graphics are perfect. The transparency effects are nice and resemble those of Chrono Trigger.

Overall: 10

The game is perfect, cannot argue with that. Everything in this game is absolutely perfect.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 10/20/94)

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