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"Best Game EVER!!!"

Final Fantasy III(Final Fantasy VI really) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a groundbreaking game. Final Fantasy IV was Square's first attempt at a developed storyline with developed characters. Final Fantasy V meanwhile had great game play but Square decided to not make Final Fantasy V have a very in depth storyline. Final Fantasy VI comes out and it's just a amazing step up from all previous Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy VI introduced the best cast of characters the series has ever made so far. It also has a amazing deep and easy to understand storyline. With a great antagonist you'll love too.Final Fantasy VI is just amazing and let me tell you why it beats any other game to this day.

Story:10/10:Final Fantasy VI was the first major step into a brilliant storyline for the Final Fantasy series. The story revolves around a rebellion group called the Returners who are doing their best to stop the evil Gesthalian Empire. A young woman named Terra born with the gift of magic is enslaved by the empire with a Slave Crown. The Slave Crown is a device that completely turns the person into a obedient slave. Terra travels to a town known as Narshe with two other soldiers from the empire to secure a Esper. Espers are magical creatures which the Empire is trying to acquire for the purpose of obtaining Magic. In the current world Final Fantasy VI takes place in magic is almost completely gone. Several centuries ago though magic was abundant and could be found everywhere. The Empire needs Magic in order to enforce it's ruling over the world. Terra eventually meets the Returners and joins them to help defeat the Empire. As the game goes on however the plot expands and takes several twists and turns. Plot twist after plot twist await the player as they progress through the game. Nothing will be able to prepare you for the shocking events that happen towards the end of the game.

Gameplay:9/10:Final Fantasy VI uses the ATB(Active Time Battle System) which originated in Final Fantasy IV. A bar fills up during the battle and when it's completely filled the player then chooses what that character is going to do. Enemies can attack anytime in between turns which makes players have to pay careful attention to battles. In Final Fantasy VI each character has their own specific ability in battle. While that is a nice feature that's not where the great gameplay originates. The awesome customization comes from later in the game when you gain Espers. Players can assign Espers to their characters and the player can learn spells from the Esper. In order to do so they gain Esper points from battles. Not only can you teach any character any spell this way but it gets even better! Each Esper has their own status bonus that the character recieves when they level. With very smart planning players can use the right Esper status bonuses to make incredibly powerful characters. What I also like about Final Fantasy VI is the nice difficulty balance.

Until the end of the game Final Fantasy VI remains decently challenging for expert RPG gamers and very challenging for newer Role Playing Game gamers. Random battles take some strategy in order to win rather then the player being able to blindly use physical attacks and dominate random battles. No I'm not talking about when they make a enemy have a ton of HP but make the enemy pathetically weak resulting in usually boring battles. I'm talking about when a enemy does decent damage and inflicts status effects occasionally and also has decent HP. Due to this fine balance in the enemies every battle feels exciting. Instead of just filler battles meant to level up the player easily. That is a major problem that has been plaguing random battles in Role Playing Games for a long time . I do admit the balance is not perfect and two dungeons in the game have enemies slightly overpowered. My reason I did not give the game play a perfect 10 was because of how easy the end of the game is. Later at the end of the game players can easily gain truckloads of EXP and MP to quickly get powerful. Characters not only easily get extremely good equipment. They also get all of the extremely good spells which results in a unstoppable party. Especially when combined with careful planning from Esper status boosts. Overall the game is so much fun that you'll actually enjoy getting extremely powerful and dominating the final bosses of Final Fantasy VI.

Graphics:10/10:Final Fantasy VI is beautifully designed. Every area has variety and is brought to life due to interesting designs. Character sprites especially Kefka's are just amazingly designed. The backgrounds for areas are beautifully hand drawn and will leave players in awe. Enemies are unique in design simply wonderful. Overall the Graphics are superb for its time.

Music:10/10:For sure one of Nobuo Uematsu's best works. The soundtrack in Final Fantasy VI is groundbreaking good. Anyone no matter what music they like will find a song they will love in Final Fantasy VI. A good majority of the music is very easily remembered. Hands down the best SNES soundtrack.

Overall:10/10:Final Fantasy VI is a absolute masterpiece from Square soft. It has the best storyline of any game ever created. The music in it is amazing. Game play is amazing and the graphics are great as well. The characters are also very well developed. Easily the best out of any Role Playing Game cast at this point of time. If you haven't played it yet immediately go and buy this masterpiece. If you don't you will regret it! I don't name myself after the antagonist of this game for no reason!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/16/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 10/20/94)

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